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Mitsuki Hayase
The only one of the three main characters in Kimi ga Nozomu Eien that I liked at all, Mitsuki is a vulnerable woman that puts up a strong front. In the beginning of the anime, she is a strong, outgoing girl, and the star of the swimming team. But later on after a terrible series of events, her vulnerability surfaces when the man she loves can't make up his mind between her and the girl whose tragic accident gave Mitsuki a chance with the guy in question. By the way, it was Mitsuki who pulled that guy out of his severe state of depression, saving him from his own self-destruction. She is a hard-working woman, a caring person and easy to get along with. Though she tends to make questionable decisions and take actions rashly, she is true to herself and knows that the thing she needs most is love. The picture at right isn't from the anime, but I think it's one of the sexiest pictures I've ever seen, Mitsuki is such a beautiful girl, and it shows her vulnerability. Must... protect... (and glomp) Mitsuki.

More of the loving and vulnerable Mitsuki.
Kuukaku Shiba
I had seen a couple pictures of this awesome woman prior to watching Bleach, but had forgotten about her... that is until the last three episodes of the first season when she blew away the other lusts I thought I had from this series. Kuukaku Shiba is just unbelievably sexy. Her face and in some ways her personality remind me a LOT of Haruko (FLCL) and her overall appearance is very similar to another new lust of mine, Baiken (from the Guilty Gear games), so it would've been impossible for me to not fall in lust with this woman. Despite having only one arm (has a false right arm in the anime, but a stump in the manga... I prefer the stump for some reason), Kuukaku is a strong and capable woman. She is the #1 fireworks maker in Soul Society (kind of like "heaven"... where most souls go when their bodies die, etc.) and a very fiery woman herself, wearing what seems to be a "flame cloth" on her head, and her spirit powers are mostly fire related. She lives with her younger brother (whom she does a great job keeping in line) and a couple of attendant-type guys running her fireworks business, but also is there to help out her friends when they need her. She enjoys her vices of smoking and drinking, and is normally a very calm and to-the-point woman, though that fire burning within' her will explode when she's really ticked off. She's cautious and well-prepared, clever and wise, cool but ohhh-so hot, Kuukaku's another strong, sexy woman I'd like to get to know better.

You like what you see? I sure do.
Midori Sugiura
As disappointed as I was by the aggrevating plot of Mai HiME, at least there was one thing that made it worth watching: Midori. At the young age of "17," Midori is already a brilliant and accomplished woman. She already has her teaching degree, and is a curious archeologist (I think) as well. As by far the most intelligent of the HiME's (like magical girls basically), Midori also manages to be the coolest, wittiest and sexiest (imo anyway). Different from the rest of the girls in the show, Midori can actually formulate rational thoughts, and tries her best to keep the other girls from turning against each other by creating a team atmosphere and taking them out for some fun activities to try and get them to become friends. She has strong morals to go along with her wisdom, and although she may be secretive at times, she's trustworthy. Midori has a strong sense of duty, but also knows how to have fun, and is able to get people to come out of their shells... and even when she's drunk she still seems to have control of her situations. I love her design also, red hair is always good, especially when it's worn up, and her eyes are really sexy... mysterious and wily. I'd love to have Sugiura-Sensei come teach me a few things. ;)

Waitress, teacher and princess? What a woman!
Kanako Ohno
As the whole reason I decided to watch Genshiken in the first place, Ms. Kanako Ohno is an otaku's dream. Not only did Genshiken turn out to be a hilarious and highly entertaining series, but Ohno-san surpassed my expectations. The series is about a college club called "The Society for the Study of Modern Visual Culture" which is basically a fancy title for "the otaku club" as its members are all guys that get together to geek out, each with their own preferences, but a few episodes in, this beautiful but shy young woman, Kanako Ohno arrives to join the club, having just flown back from being an American exchange student. Although she doesn't like to stand out and in normal situations she is very conservative and concientious about her appearance, Ohno's love is cosplay. She loves to dress up as her favorite characters and really gets into the role when she does, becoming them with great costumes and pretty good acting to capture their personalities too, and when she's in costume, her usual insecurities disappear completely. She enjoys being in Genshiken (which is the abbreviated title of the club) and she's truly an otaku at heart, but an adorable feminine one. She can be herself in the club, just as everyone else can, and even tips the couple other girls that are associated with the group that there are doujinshi (fan-made comics, often erotic in nature) directed at their audience as well. :P She reads manga, she watches anime, she builds gundam models, and dresses up as sexy and beautiful characters... thanks to her cute face and voluptuous proportions, and besides that, she cooks and is a cuddly drunk! XD If there's anything more an otaku like me could want from a woman (well she does have way too much hair...) I need to be slapped. It's kind of a shame I'm not bald... Ohno also has an adorable thing for hairless heads. >:D

She's beautiful in and out of costume.
Rabi en Rose
Jail Bait. From DiGi Charat Rabi en Rose is a girl that I drooled over the first time I saw her, and probably ever since. Despite the fact that she is mostly done in chibi style (chibi is childish, large head on small body) she is still extremely sexy, and several works of fan art and wallpapers I've seen featuring her are quite intriguing ;). After seeing DiGi Charat, I still think this girl is super sexy, she's cute and hopelessly confident to become the #1 Idol. Her real name is Hikaru Usada, but she hates being called that, preferring her stage name to increase her popularity! At the young age of 14 years, Rabi is already going after her dreams, and works hard to achieve them. She's really a very nice girl, working hard in school and at her part-time job too, treating her elders and people that are kind to her with respect, but if you try to stand in the way of her dream, she'll walk right over you. Basically she has a one-track mind; do everything she can to become the #1 Idol in Japan, even if it's really dangerous. I'm not sure what it is, the bunny ears, the not-so-innocent look, the short ruffly skirt... all of it put together maybe, but it's the kind of thing that could get me tossed in the slammer.

Come on in, the police aren't around.
Yomiko Readman
Well, I know I'm probably not worth her time, considering I'm not a book, but Yomiko Readman (Read or Die OAV) is simply the cutest grown woman I know of. She is completely hopeless unless her head is buried in a book, at which point she may as well not even be present in the real world at all. Books are her love and her motivation for everything, until she meets a fellow special agent codenamed Ms. Deep. Ms. Deep is a very capable woman that has a great impact on Yomiko, opening her eyes to the world of people and becoming her close, trusted friend. Yomiko has a great deal of knowledge that she has acquired from her love of books, but she's naive and has little experience in the real world and dealing with people. She has a cool and very different "super power" of controlling paper (hard to explain) so she's a special agent whose job is to recover rare books, much to her delight. She is quite clumsy and a bit rolly-polly when she's forced to fight, but she's confident in her abilities and is surprisingly composed when the going gets rough, and did I mention she's adorable? Her voice is perfect, (in the english dub at least, I haven't seen the japanese) so innocent and a nice change from most english voice acting that I've heard. Maybe if I start writing on myself...

Gaze in awe as Yomiko... reads books!
Asa Shigure
The fun-loving-tease-of-a-friend from "Shuffle!", Asa Shigure is a really cool chick. As an older student to the main character guy, Rin, Asa picks on him harmlessly, because he seems attached to other girls, but she really likes him. Asa is energetic and loves to have fun, making things interesting whenever she's around, but she's also an emotionally mature young woman. She's strong and able to handle tough situations, and help her friends when they need support, but is also able to express her own emotions without losing her self-control. She has a sort of "anemia" meaning her body gives out on her sometimes, making for stressful situations for her friends, but she refuses to let her physical affliction control her life. She has a beautiful, expressive face with pretty short hair, and a nice shape to her, and her sense of fashion is nicely atypical. Asa is the kind of girl I could easily be friends with, but with all her wonderful qualities, it would be tough to stop there.

Oooh, looks like someone wants to show off!
Forte Stollen
This voluptuous ballistics specialist is from the fun series "Galaxy Angel" and her name is Forte Stollen. Galaxy Angel is about a secret military organization known as the Angel Brigade, and Forte is the senior Angel of the group. Although there is very little military action done by these ladies, if they ever did have to go into combat, Forte would be the general, lead commando, and mobile armory. :P Needless to say, she loves guns (and to a lesser extent, booze) and has a massive collection of ballistic weaponry, which she frequenlty fires at rude men and plush toys. Forte is of german decent and is a tough, almost manly kind of woman. She has a calming, deep voice, except when she loses her temper... then it can best be described as "threatening." :P She and Ranpha (who appears below in this harem) are pretty close friends, and at times I wondered if Forte didn't like her as more than a friend, but that's probably just wishful thinking... although, when Forte is asked about romantic relationships, she gets very shy and defensive. Hmm... it could also be that it's the Angel Brigade's commanding officer (I can't remember his name), a man that Forte admires, is whom she has her eye on. Anyway, Forte is awesome... she's the most diversely talented of the Angels, as along with guns, she's an expert at piloting any and every type of vehicle and can more than hold her own in a fight... (or a fashion show I'd say, but she's not the type to enter ;) and as always I adore her many diverse facial expressions. Welcome to my harem, Forte... hand over the guns or I'll have to frisk you. (*^_^*)

Ballistic babe bombardment!
Mizuho Kazami
Even before I started watching Onegai Teacher, I knew this beauty would grab my heart. A red-haired beautiful older woman, and a teacher no less, I suppose that's been a fantasy of mine, and Mizuho has the perfect look to play the role. It wasn't until very recently though that I finally got the chance to see Onegai Teacher, and from the opening theme, I was hooked. The story wasn't bad at all, but because of Mizuho-Sensei I would've watched the whole series in one sitting if I could have, completely unable to take my eyes off of her. Aside from her physical beauty (which if her mother is any indication, will last quite a long time ;), she has a very caring personality and although she takes pride in her duties, she is still true to herself, putting her love before everything else. Her pochy habit is adorable, and despite her mature appearance, she is still very vulnerable emotionally (maybe a bit too much so). Although she may be a crybaby, jealous, and occasionally a know-it-all (I suppose that's natural for a teacher though) her imperfections make her seem more realistic than a lot of anime heroines, which I think makes her all the more lovable. Please, Mizuho-Sensei, I need some private tutoring...

More of the beautiful Mizuho.
Ryofu Hosen
One of many extremely sexy girls in Ikkitousen (Battle Vixens), Ryofu earns the highest spot among them after seeing only the anime. She is the second in command to the villian in the story, and the strongest fighter in the anime as well, but I just love her attitude. She knows she is a powerful woman, but she still opens her heart to those close to her. She's a flirt, a tease and is easily liked, despite her occasional arrogance. Her character is based on that of the warrior Lu Bu from the Romance of the Three Kingdoms chinese legends, and a sense of duty and self is very attractive in a woman. Her normal outfit of the school uniform skirt and jacket minus any other top is uhh... very... eye-catching, and there's something about those socks. Her open sexuality and enjoyment of the company of both men and women is a supreme turn-on for a yuri-lover such as myself. I sure wouldn't mind if she beat on me and paralyzed my muscles just so she could take advantage of me... Ryomou was so lucky.

Beware of seductress.
Faye Valentine
My first anime lust, Faye (Cowboy Bebop) is hot right out of the box. A strong, independent and intelligent woman, she's very dangerous to her enemies and friends alike. She has a mysterious past in which she managed to pile up a massive debt, and will do anything to free herself from it, including betraying her friends. Her sexuality and skimpy outfits definitely got my attention early on, but it wasn't until very late in the series (Speak Like a Child episode specifically) that I really started to care for her, and that episode will always be one of my favorites. That episode is when Faye's true feelings start to show, and we finally get to see her mask break. Deep down, Faye is like a stray cat doing what she can to survive, taking advantage of people while remaining a loner, but really needing a place to belong, and people to care for. Faye's strong candy shell and soft nougat center make me want to eat her up ;)

Click here for the main course!
By far my favorite character from Nightwalker (the only one I liked at all really), Guni is an urban faerie (at least that's what she says). She's smart, sassy and sarcastic, and despite her small stature, quite sexy too. Probably about 8 inches tall, she usually hangs out in her good friend Shido's (a vampire) hair when they're out on the town. Like most faerie characters, Guni is very much attached to her man, and gets jealous when other females start hanging around him. She's playful when she's in her comfort zone, but gets nervous and excited when her man is in trouble. She's very confident, though, and loves talking big, but if you underestimate her, she will let loose an electric shock and fry you also! Pikachu can eat his heart out, cause Guni's got it goin' on!
Yoruichi Shihouin
As the initial reason I started watching "Bleach," Yoruichi promptly spent the first 42 episodes disguised as a little black cat with a deep, gravelly man's voice. :P As a cat, she was a wise, experienced teacher and a skilled scout, but as a woman, Yoruichi is one of the sexiest dark-skinned women in anime. A powerful and fast spirit fighter, Yoruichi's soul is hundreds of years old, and her wisdom and intelligence go well with her personality. Although she's content to work independently, she'll take the leadership role in a group, and does her best to keep things under control, knowing when to take advantage of her fighting skills, and more importantly, when to retreat. She has an honest sense of humor and likes to tease the boys a bit, but she isn't too cruel about it. ;) I haven't found out yet why she fights against the Shinigami, as she obviously used to be one, nor have I seen any of this shoujo-ai relationship I've heard that she's involved in, but honestly, that can only improve her sexiness. :P Yoruichi's long, dark body, hardened eyes, experience and wit make her a shoe-in for entrance into my harem.

This is one black cat I'd love to cross paths with.
Asuka Langley Soryu
Another tragic character from Neon Genesis Evangelion, Asuka Langley Soryu is a beautiful girl with a nasty temper. Like the other EVA (giant humanoid war machines) pilots, Asuka grew up mostly alone, her parents victims of the second impact, and the way it happened for Asuka caused her to stop trusting other people and begin relying completely on herself. Her appearance is that of a very pretty young girl, but her personality is harsh, vulgar and often cruel to people around her and she can't stand the idea of anyone being better than her at her job. She's selfish and self-confident on the outside, but deep down she's very uncertain about herself, and though she would never admit it, needs someone to be there for her. So even though Asuka is a b*tch, I think she has every right to be considering her circumstances, and her will to live shown in the End of Evangelion movie made me care greatly for her. Ich liebe Asuka.

Red - the color of passion.
The title character from 2x2=Shinobuden, Shinobu is a cute, extremely huggable ninja-in-training. As the only female in her class, Shinobu gets picked on (sexually harassed) by her classmates, and especially her perverted teacher. She's naive and doesn't has the best sense of judgement, so she gets herself into bad situations, but she tries really hard and follows her heart, and her luck is pretty good to help her out of the trouble she gets into. Shinobu isn't a very good ninja at all, but she makes a good friend in Kaede, who helps her out a lot. Shinobu develops a big girl-crush on her close friend though, and often spaces out thinking up nice/naughty things she'd like to do with her. ;) I wouldn't mind doing a few of those same things with the adorable Shinobu.

She may be a lousy ninja, but she's a great model.
Melissa Mao
From episode one of Full Metal Panic, Melissa Mao had my attention as a woman that would be a riot to hang out with. As a soldier working for the technologically advanced peacekeeping organization called "Mithril", Melissa is a woman that takes her job seriously, but not much else. At 25-years-old she has a maturity about her, but remains a very open individual that loves joking around and isn't the least bit shy about making a fool of herself for a laugh. She can often be found lounging around in her underwear or with her uniform halfway off (sexy!), despite the fact that most of her fellow soldiers are men; she's more than a bit of a tease. She can handle herself, obviously, a mercenary had better be able to, and she's willing to put her life on the line beyond the call of duty for her friends. Melissa is normally jovial but will let people know when she's angry, but tries to surpress her feelings of love, trying to make things easier on herself and her friends in case any of them should get hurt. She may have an alcohol habit and be insincere at times, but Melissa Mao is a hottie that makes me laugh, and she's definitely the kind of "roommate" that I'd love to have.

How about a brewski?
Oh god, Liru is hot. *blinks* Ahem... right, well, this spunky, playful blonde is named Liru. From "Renkin San-Kyuu Magical? Pokaan," a fun show about a few young princesses of the netherworld, Liru is a teenaged werewolf. Well, were-puppy... and her personality is just what you'd expect from a were-puppy; she loves running around and playing, lounging in the sun, looking at the moon and especially eating meat, grade-A beef preferrably. ;) Of the 5 girls that live together, Liru seems to be the eldest, and had the most worldly experience, but that isn't saying much. She's happy and carefree, which makes her easy to love (that and her hotness), but she tends to get herself into trouble because of it. She's athletic, strong and physically tough though so she doesn't have too much trouble escaping the trouble she runs into though. Like the other girls she lives with, Liru dreams of meeting her Mr. Right, an adventurous, ruggedly-good-looking wild man who treats her nicely and is also a werewolf. :P Guess I'd only qualify as Mr. Half-Right. Even if I'm not up to par, with her energetic, fun-loving personality and- have I mentioned that she's hot yet, because she is... really hot- Liru is welcome to hang around here as much as she likes.

While I was doing some surfing around for certain pictures for another hobby, I got curious about Kiddy Grade. Seeing some pictures of Éclair sparked my initial interest in watching the series, quite simply because she looked gorgeous ;). I was skeptical at first, nonetheless, as her pictures reminded me of Naru (of Love Hina) whom I know is a poster girl of anime and I tend to shy away from those most of the time, what's popular isn't necessarily what's best, or has true quality. As I watched Kiddy Grade, the back of my mind kept telling me that I should try not to like Éclair... but the rest of me couldn't help it. She has a great personality, outgoing, confident, a bit of an exhibitionist with her enjoyment of cosplay, and isn't restricted by the pressure from her partner to act more like a lady ;). She's also cool under pressure and follows her heart, standing up for what she believes in. It wasn't until rather late in the series though that I totally gave into her charms. I'm sure it was no coincidence it was around the time of her inner struggles, and undoubtedly at the same time her appearance changed to the slightly "rounder" (*ahem*) and short-haired version showed at right - I'd explain, but don't want to spoil anything. She is outwardly sexy and inwardly goofy and I just want to squeeze her to death, which luckily I could do a few times and she'd always come back :)

Choose your own Éclair!
Kaorin from Azumanga Daioh is simply one of my favorite characters ever. As one of the class representatives, Kaorin is a busy girl that just doesn't have the time to be part of the main "clique" in the show. She's a hard working and responsible young woman, but although she disguises it well most of the time, she has a raging, unstoppable stampede of a girl-crush on her beautiful, cool classmate, Ms. Sakaki. Kaorin is usually ladylike and proper, but if she hears someone say anything that could be construed as negative about Sakaki, a switch is flipped and she passionately defends her "beloved." Most of my favorite scenes from this wonderful show were made possible by Kaorin's great character, and her "underdog" (often left out of the activities that would let her spend quality time with Sakaki due to her duties and academic events) status is increased because the freaky, pervert teacher, Mr. Kimura, seems to pay more attention to Kaorin than any of the other girls. I must admit though, I can't blame him. ;) I found myself cheering out loud for Kaorin on a few occasions, not something I can say about many other characters. Go Kaorin go! Err... come, I mean... into the harem please. :P

She may be embarassed, but she wants you to look (Sakaki).
Haruko Haruhara (Raharu Haruha)
Speaking of abusive psychopaths...Haruko (from FLCL aka Furi Kuri aka Fooly Cooly) is one crazy b*tch - and I mean that in the most sincerely complimentary way. A renegade agent for some outer space emmigration agency, (or something like that, FLCL isn't exactly the easiest show to follow ;) Haruko is chasing down a man she must have. Or maybe it's an incarnated power she must have, but either way she's determined to get it at all costs. The embodiment of all things evil about the female gender (seduction, manipulation, moodiness, teasing, etc.) and completely selfish, she nonetheless wins over the hearts of all the men around her (including me) with her devious relationship-twisting antics. She isn't completely evil though, as she has a good sense of humor, and helps the main character learn about himself, and gives him confidence along with several very unnatural looking bumps on the head. Oh...and she's a total bad*ss. She wants that power, and be it adolescent boys, rush-hour traffic, or giant robots, anything in her way had better GET THE HELL OUT, 'cause there's a girl on a Vespa coming through.

Gallery of the scariest woman ever!
If ever there was a show to explain the Oedipus Complex, "Jungle wa Itsumo Hale Nochi Guu" is it, with Weda playing the part of the sexy mama. She's a young mother, having a 10-year-old son at the age of only 25, and she's not exactly the most responsible of parents, often taking advantage of Hale (her son) to get what she wants. She's indiscrete about covering herself up in front of the "unfortunate" kid, and loves her booze a little too much, but when it comes down to it, she's a very loving mother and will protect Hale at any cost. Weda doesn't let the fact that she's a mother interfere with her life as a woman, which although it might be irresponsible, is sexy at the same time. She does make a few sacrifices, but keeping her individuality is something special. Weda is selfish and childish at times, but can also be dangerous, and does a surprisingly good job keeping a couple kids in line, as well as keeping herself free from commitment with the males that are after her tasty self. :P Weda's ability to be fun, look carefree, and act like a kid herself, while still having deep feelings of love for her son, make her a really sexy woman.

The look of a woman's desire...
Izumi Sawatari
From He is my Master, Izumi is a gorgeous young woman with a string of bad luck. When her family discovered her sister Mitsuki was hiding a pet alligator, Izumi decided she would leave home with her sister so they could find a place to live where Pochi, the alligator, would also be welcome. The ended up finding a huge mansion to live and work as maids in, the bad part being their employer was a lewd rude and crude young man, and after Pochi wrecked some things in the mansion, a debt was pinned on Izumi and they had no choice but to take the job. Anyway, Izumi is forced to do most of the hard labor, since she refuses to call Yoshitaka "master," but even given such harsh treatment she refuses to be broken, and continues working hard so she can pay back her debt. She's a good person that does her best when her loved ones need her help, but has trouble giving her full effort if it's just for herself. She's stubborn and expressive and makes good choices, but things just tend to turn out badly for her. Izumi is a sexy young woman, and I'd be more than happy to welcome her into my harem, I'd treat her so much better than that punk billionaire.

What kind of internet idol doesn't have a gallery?
Kaori Sakiyama
The most self-righteous and confident character I've ever seen, Kaori Sakiyama is an amazing and lovable woman. From Air Master, Kaori starts out as a model with dreams of becoming a superstar, and the motivation and work ethic to make it happen. When one of her photoshoots is interrupted by another group of girls and she is intimidated by Maki (the title character, also in this harem), she can't believe that she was scared by another woman and later accepts Maki's challenge to fight (after doing research and finding out who Maki really is, showing her intelligence), she is nonetheless beaten easily by her. She vows to have her revenge though and shifts her life around becoming stronger and becoming a fighter instead of a model, unable to accept that someone is able to beat her so easily. Sakiyama faces many hardships, but never stays down for long, maintaining her supreme confidence despite defeat, and her rivalry with Maki turns into friendship. She's not a bad person at all, and always pays back the kindness and respect she recieves. Kaori may be self-absorbed, but her story is a great one, and her dedication to being in the spotlight made me adore her.

Sakiyama! Sakiyama! Sakiyama!
Yuriko Oozora
My favorite part of the adorably sweet show Ground Defense Force Mao-Chan, Yuriko Oozora is the Student Body President of the high school associated with the title-character's grade school. Phew that was a mouth full, anyway, Yuriko is a very sweet, gentle and kind girl, who also happens to be half cute alien! Even so, she lives her life as a human by keeping her cat ears tucked in, though sometimes when she gets distracted, they pop out! When Japan starts to get invaded by the cute aliens from outer space, Yuriko is told that she must help the aliens and act as a spy with her classmate and fellow cat-girl Chinami. But when Japan introduces their tiny defender Mao-chan, Yuriko can't help but fall in love with the cute little girl, and from early on in the campaign, Yuriko is rooting for the good guys, while being forced by Chinami to oppose them. I couldn't help but like Yuriko from the first scene she was in, she's just too sweet and pretty (as all Ken Akamatsu girls are). She doesn't seem to be really smart, but is clever enough to help out the people she likes, and learns to make decisions for herself, which is a quality I basically require in a girl. Yuriko Oozora is a sweet little kitten and I just wanna glomp her. :)

Koyomi "Yomi" Mizuhara
When I first started watching Azumanga Daioh, I didn't pay much attention to Yomi. She seemed rather plain, with nothing really noticable that made her stand out among her wacky friends and classmates. She was normal, did her school work on time, and did it well, was nice and respectful to people, and tried to keep things under control. As the story progressed, however, I came to realize that Yomi's maturity and reason were exactly what set her apart from the rest of the girls, and she jumped way up near the top of my favorite Azumanga girls. She's the most mature character in the show, including the teachers, and kind of acts like a mother to her friends, giving praise when it's deserved, but also stern lectures or a hearty slap in some cases ;). Yomi works hard for school, and tries her best to stay fit; her body looks almost perfect to me, but she's compulsively trying to lose those few extra pounds to no avail. She's very sensitive about her weight, but still makes light of it in secret. Yomi's looks might not be the perfection that most animated girls appear to be, but she has a very good attitude, and is so limber... (borderline contortionist maybe?) she has many qualities that make her sexy despite imperfection.

See Yomi in a different light.
Maestro Delphine Eraclea
The beautiful villain of Last Exile, Maestro Delphine is the hedonistic leader of "the Guild". She alone decides the fate of the "lesser" people of the world, since the guild has superior technology and power than any country, and she forces these other countries to play very real war games for her amusement. She is entirely selfish and due to the way the Guild functions, is convinced that she cannot be harmed by anyone, as she is treated as the Queen and no one can go against her word. She is blind to value in anyone or anything aside from how they can be used to amuse her. Delphine is very much like a child, using her great power as a means to entertain herself and to seek out greater power when she tires of what she already has. Despite, or because of all this, she is an extremely sexy woman, completely self-assured, almost always in a great mood, smiling, laughing, having a great time without a care in the world, but if someone interferes with her fun, she becomes ruthless. Delphine is beautiful, graceful, lighthearted, overconfident, and powerful, and she is one of the sexiest villains I've ever seen. To be able to contain such a woman in my harem, or even be captured in her harem wouldn't be so bad. ;)

A small gallery of this gorgeous villain.
Major Motoko Kusanagi
For a long time, this powerful cyborg (or android by now, but that's the whole paradox behind the story) woman managed to keep my lust at bay with her icy, all-business personality, despite her breathtaking physical appearance. Recently though, as I watched Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex 2nd Gig, her emotional barrier broke down a bit and I finally got to see some of her past, and what she's really about. I'd always felt for Batou... how hard he tries to get Motoko to open up to him, and as much as he cares for her, but 2nd Gig helped me finally see what he was chasing: a woman who can hardly remember who she is, but has a truly brilliant mind and uses all her gifts and abilities to their utmost in an effort to accomplish her duties for the greater good. She's a woman who knows everything there is to know about sacrifice and lays herself on the line just about every day, and Batou just wants to be the man that cares for her when she doesn't. Her almost complete lack of femininity turned me off for the longest time, but her personality is by no means a bad one. She's lived a hard life and it has made her hard, but she is harsh with her coworkers for their own good. She's personable with a few people though and does have a sense of humor when she's not on the job. Although I care a lot about the Major as a character and as a person, her inaccessibility and "perfection" still make it difficult to put her in this harem, but I get the feeling she would enjoy it. ;)

Like a lithium flower just about to bloom...
Ichino Yanagida
Ichino Yanagida, this spunky, competetive girl from Osaka Japan is my favorite character from Battle Athletes. As the pride of Osaka, Ichino is a very talented athlete with a fiery attitude and a desire to be the best. In Battle Athletes Victory (the TV series) Ichino is the best friend of the main character, Akari Kanzaki, and Ichino helps her out in many ways. She trains Akari in many of the events, lights a fire of motivation under her and helps her whenever she's in need, be it with reassuring words, or a smack upside the head. Ichino loves to show off for the cameras and has quite an ego of her own, not wanting to lose to anyone, no matter what the cost, and she is a bit reckless in her actions. Fiesty, expressive, cute and a great friend, Ichino grew on me in a hurry and is most welcome in this harem.

I-chan's not camera shy. :D
Nenene Sumiregawa
Also from R.O.D the TV, Nenene Sumiregawa is a brilliant and willful young author. After publishing a few best-sellers, Nenene's best friend and room-mate, Yomiko, left without saying good bye, and ever since, Nenene has been unable to write. Nenene is strong and stubborn, and doesn't let anyone take advantage of or belittle her, but also cares deeply for her friends and will put herself at risk to help them. She's intelligent, is a good judge of character and is very assertive, not the least bit afraid to let people know what she wants or thinks. Nenene has a good sense of humor, is clever and expressive, and her simple attractiveness only makes it easier to welcome her into my harem.

A small gallery for this willful author.
Aki Hinata
Mama-dono is a special brand of woman. As Keroro put it, "her basic abilities are high, and her physical form is of the highest grade on the planet." Aki Hinata is a mother that's easy to love. From "Keroro Gunso" (Sergaent Frog), Aki is a single mother of two teenagers who works as the editor of a young men's magazine. She works hard, and for her job, she's always investigating things that boys are into... manga, sports, video games, girls, and she seems to enjoy it just as much herself. :D She commutes to and from work on a bullet bike, wearing a sexy leather jacket, and has a great wardrobe aside from that too. She is intelligent and responsible, a wonderful mother to her children, and even a strict but friendly landlord to the squad of invading frog aliens that uses her home as a base of operations to plan their "invasion," making sure their leader earns his room and board by cleaning up the house. :P It should be pretty obvious why Aki made it into my harem with her delightful personality, gorgeous looks, and downright coolness, Aki is another sexy Mama.

What young men are really interested in.
Lei-lei (a.k.a. Hsien-ko)
From Darkstalkers (an anime based off of the Night Warriors video games), Lei-lei is a chinese vampire. I'm not sure exactly what that is, but Lei-lei, and her sister Mei-ling both gave up their lives in the hope that they would one day be able to revive their mother who sacrificed herself casting a powerful spell to destroy the "darkness" (evil creatures) that was attacking the capitol of China. Lei-lei and her sister have become undead Darkstalkers, which is the term for powerful inhuman creatures that live in the shadows. Lei-lei however doesn't feed on humans like most Darkstalkers and instead roams the land with her sister searching for their mother and the way to bring her back to life. Lei-lei is the more light-hearted of the sisters, despite being dead, and seems to laugh a lot and is rather sarcastic at times. She's honest and very loyal to her family, and has a graceful fighting style - spinning and dancing in her traditional Gung Xi clothing, but also has the ability to summon large metal objects from her sleeves. Lei-lei is very cute, despite being undead, and though she tends to make rash decisions and follow her emotions, her good nature and innocence make her lovable.

Don't be afraid of the dark.
Scheris Adjani
The youngest (15 years) agent in HOLY, Scheris (from sCRYed) has a very mysterious special power. So mysterious I don't really know what it is yet after seeing most of the first 15 episodes of the series, but that doesn't make it any harder to notice she's extremely cute. Scheris is a smart girl that tends to hang out with one of the high ranking male agents of HOLY, and advises him on actions to take and keeps a cool head, trying to keep the man she has an obvious crush on out of trouble. The fool doesn't realize she likes him though, so I feel bad for her, she's so cute and still can't get his attention. She is a kind person in a harsh world, and she does her best to make other people feel good about themselves, acting friendly towards new people and joking around harmlessly to make them feel welcome. She's a bit of a worrier, but she has good reason to be considering her dangerous job and how reckless the guy she likes is. How about you forget about him, Scheris, I'm available! Her voice (in the english dub, once again I haven't seen this in japanese) is also perfectly cute to complete the set of appearance, personality and voice :)

A few pictures of the cutest HOLY member.
After watching over a hundred episodes of Inuyasha without a serious lust to speak of, I was very surprised to find that the first truly lustworthy character to appear in the series was a man. Sort-of. :P Jakotsu is a member of the Band of Seven, a group of bloodthirsty mercenaries who live only to kill others. Sounds hot already, eh? ;) Well, Jakotsu is a man, but wears make-up and dresses in fine kimonos, and in the English-dub at least, he is voices very sexily by a woman, which added greatly to the gender confusion. Jakotsu himself despises women, and much of his homicidal tendencies are directed towards them, presumably because the despicable wenches are always sinking their fangs into the beautiful boys he is after. Jakotsu is kind of like a culmination of character traits I like from both sexes; he has a sexy female voice, is honest and loyal to his friends and himself, not letting such petty things as laws and morals get in the way of his desires or what's truly important to him, he's lusty and doesn't hide it, and extremely dangerous, which is just plain sexy. Everything about Jakotsu oozes sexuality, and he's really such a simple being, a very instinctual human that nevertheless has realized his paraphilia(s) and wishes to satisfy them. Although it's probably not a good idea to let Jakotsu roam freely in this harem (I fear for my girls' safety :( ) I still have to acknowledge him as my first male lust. I'm scared of him too, (guro-fetish... eww...) but still, maybe if I was able to relieve him of his nasty sword and confine him to a special wing of the harem... (^_^;)

Jakotsu: scary, sexy... and adorable?
Harley Quinn
Easily my favorite character from the Batman series of comics/shows, Harley is the Joker's right-hand girl. Formerly his psychiatrist, Harley falls madly in love with him and breaks him out of the asylum, and appoints herself his girl. She's bouncy and affectionate, extremely protective and loyal, almost like a puppy, and is constantly wrapping herself around her "Mr. J", which for some unbelievable reason, he can't stand. She's definitely a cutie with the trademark big grin and that skin-tight jester costume ::shiver::, and those acrobatics... How could anyone resist her charms?
Milly Thompson
The younger of the "insurance girls" from Trigun, Milly is a large woman with an even bigger heart. Teamed with Meryl Strife, Milly's job is to follow Vash the Stampede (a wanted criminal) around and report insurance claims caused by him or because of him. Milly is a very caring, friendly and gentle woman, and she often seems like a child, naiive and optimistic. Her outlook on life is often a breath of fresh air to those around her, and she can often see the simplest solution to complex problems and is a wonderful friend to have. She carries around a huge stun gun under her coat in case situations get out of hand, and she's a hard and enthusiastic worker. She's usually a happy person, but she's also prone to sadness when she sees people get hurt, and isn't afraid to scold anyone if they're mean to her friends. I really grew to care for Milly... she's such a good person and makes everyone feel better just by being around them.

The happy girl with sad eyes.
Kosame from Girls Bravo is a woman I can relate to. >:D She works for a rich blonde girl (Lisa) as some sort of bodyguard (partnered with a bishie guy), but is treated more like a special agent or henchwoman, often pointing guns at people or trying to kidnap Yukinari (the male main character) on Lisa's demand. When Kosame does go to kidnap him though, she is confronted by Kirie (who can be found atop my harem) who tries to stop her. Kosame sees how beautiful and strong Kirie is and immediately falls in love with her, and makes aggressive advances on her... sadly though, she's interrupted, having to escape from the scene with her cargo. After that episode though, Kosame's attention undoubtedly focuses on Kirie whenever she's around (much like mine did while watching this series :P ). She seems to daydream about "I wonder what" when Kirie's not around, and on a few occasions Kosame turns into a sexual predator, holding Kirie at gunpoint, at least until she finds a bed. XD Kosame is the cutest stalker I've ever seen and we share a love of Kirie, so I'd like to invite Kosame to join this harem, I just hope she doesn't hog Kirie all to herself.

Stalkers can be cute too.
Hikaru Yoshimoto
Alright! Hikaru plays first base for the Kisaragi Princesses (Princess Nine) a baseball team for an all girls school. She's very optimistic and has a great sense of humor. She's there for her friends when they need her and isn't too shy to ask a lonely boy out on a date ;). She's honest with herself about her feelings and quite the good athelete as well, batting 2nd for her team and plays some sweet defense as well. Ask me out anytime, Hikaru :)
The eldest Gunslinger Girl, Triela is also the most experienced and my favorite of the bunch. Although she's probably still too young to be joining a harem, her current job is also not something little girls should be doing, as she works as an elite soldier, often going on assassination missions (wielding her nasty-looking M1897 Shotgun) against enemies of the gov't agency she works for and terrorists. Like the other girls in "The Corporation," Triela was rescued from a terrible situation and given surgery so that she could live... although her body is mostly made of alloys and synthetic muscle now. Unlike the other girls however, Triela fully understands her situation and her supervisor, Hilsyer, avoids using "conditioning" (brainwashing). Her relationship with Hilsyer is similar to that of siblings - it's apparent that they care for each other, but they also argue, which none of the other "Fratello" (teams of artificial girl & supervisor) do. Triela is very smart and a capable young woman, not only in her military actions, but socially as well, honest and loyal, she's also a mentor to the other girls, even those she doesn't get along with. She's the only girl who has reached puberty in The Corporation, and she suffers a lot, though she tries to hide it. She's aware that as an "artificial girl" her life span isn't long, but she somehow maintains a positive outlook and is always willing to help out the younger girls. Triela is a very mature young woman, and her strength despite extreme adversity tugs at my heart strings.

Come bearing gifts please. :P
Ayumi Yamada
From "Honey and Clover" (possibly the best show ever in my opinion), Ayumi Yamada is an art student specializing in pottery. She's a kind, gentle and genuine girl mostly, and is skillful in her trade, but the thing she wants most she just can't have. She's in love with her good friend Mayama, but he doesn't see her as anything more than a little-sister type, and as much as she tries to make him fall in love with her, she knows it's hopeless. She really only gets mad around Mayama, I can't blame her... the kind of relationship they have would be very frustrating. Ayumi truly is a good person, and has many guys that would gladly give her their love, but she can't make herself fall out of love with Mayama, and can't lie to herself about her true feelings. She's a great friend, there to comfort them when they need it (though she probably needs it more) and a hard worker, using her skillful hands to create wonderful works of clay. Ayumi is a cute, emotionally fragile young woman that just really needs to be held... it would be terrible if her bright blue eyes turned listless. *hugs Ayumi*

A few pictures of this sweet and vulnerable woman.
Ranpha Franboise
The second young woman from "Galaxy Angel" in my harem, Ranpha is a girl on a mission. A mission to ensnare a handsome rich man and fall in love. :P Normally, I would not be impressed with such superficial motives (ahem... hypocrite!), but Ranpha has many redeeming qualities. ;) Most importantly, despite her appearance, Ranpha is not a spoiled girl that expects things to be given to her, she's quite the opposite, she works hard to become/remain beautiful by spending hours every day pumping iron... and is a talented wrestler. :P She enjoys long walks around the observation deck, and candlelight Chili Dog dinners, and daydreaming about the latest pretty boy that just inherited his family's 20 gajillion dollar intergalactic corporation. She hatches plans to seduce the guys she likes, but when she actually meets them, she is shy and scared, and things don't go at all as she planned. Aside from keeping in shape, Ranpha's other main hobby is fortune-telling, and she enjoys getting into the classic gypsy role. :P Although she's still mentally immature, Ranpha is a fun, beautiful girl I'd love to get pinned by.

Her hard work has paid off.
Ryomou Shimei
This Battle Vixen is rather mysterious. Ryomou is a strong, cold woman that hides her feelings from others. I'm not entirely sure about her past, but during the last "Great Fighters Tournament" she had to interrupt a fight between a male friend of hers and another school because her friend would have been killed, and in doing so disqualified her school. She seems to have feelings for this guy who was sent into a coma for 6 months and is now blind. Anyway, Ryomou is very calm and collected most of the time, but once she goes into battle, she becomes a very frightening fighter. She specializes in submission techniques, and once she locks on, wrapping her body tightly around her opponent, (*cough* hot *cough*) she seems to gain pleasure from breaking them. Outside of battle though, she does care about her friends and isn't dependent on others. Deep down it's obvious her heart isn't so cold as she wants people to think it is though, and it's her normal personality that is quite likable. Just do not piss her off unless you like broken bones.

You can look, but keep your distance.
Another of the fun characters from "Jungle wa Itsumo Hale Nochi Guu," Bell is a maid that works for Weda's mother. Having raised her since she was a baby, Bell has a major attachment to her Ojo-sama (mistress, referring to Weda), or maybe "infatuation" would be a better word for it. More than a little emotionally unstable, Bell is a dangerous woman who doesn't want anyone else getting close to her darling Weda. Although she has a vicious temper, she's also a fountain of tears or nosebleeds when she's sad or thinking of Ojo-sama. Bell's dark, dangerous appearance, commanding presence and extreme expressiveness make her another worthy addition to this ever-growing harem.

Bell's Gallery: You might want to bring a box of tissues... for her.
Rushuna Tendou
Sigh, I feel kind of guilty about putting a woman fitting the description of the stereotypical ideal woman's appearance to a "T" on this list, but hell, I'm a man, I have carnal desires sometimes too... err... all the time... *ahem* Anyways, Rushuna is that "ideal." Long blonde hair, big eyes (in an anime? no...) with long lashes, long legs, impossible measurements, and a grace and elegance in her movements, just the kind of thing men are trained to drool over. Naturally, I fell into that crevice, err...cleavage...no uh, I mean... so soft, and... ::uncontrollably makes clutching motions with his hands:: mmm... what was I talking about again? TRAP! I fell into that trap! Ok... enough of my criticism. Rushuna is actually a very kind and gentle person, carrying around the philosophy that instead of fighting, she should try to strip people of their armor. (it's a metaphor, seriously) That is to say that when she is forced to fight, which is quite often since there's a price on her head, she refuses to kill anyone (yeah, so she's Vash, but Vash doesn't look like that) and instead does her best to talk things out, because she truly loves people, and knows there's good inside of everyone. She's graceful and serene, while maintaining an ability to jump into action at a moments notice. She may not seem especially intelligent, but she's confident in her ability to do things the right way, and I guess you might say she's lucky enough that things work out. She treats everyone with the same kind of love, which I suppose makes her seem a bit detached and naive. She might not be the most original character, but I still love her. Come join me in the bath, Rushuna, the temperature is perfect.

Her gallery may be small, but THOSE aren't.
This sexy swordswoman from Himiko-den is one of the queen candidates. Imari stands out from the other women in this bishoujo series mostly because her personality is quite likable. She has a good sense of humor, likes to tease guys that she thinks she's stronger than, but also notices good traits in others and hands out compliments when they're due. She's a bit masculine in manner and movement, but she still shows off her feminine charms and gets embarrassed on occasion with men looking at her. She has a bit of a temper and is impatient at times, but when she's in the heat of battle she's cool as ice.
Arisa Uotani
Uo-chan from Fruits Basket is yet another strong, mature young woman that I really liked. One of Tohru's (the main character) best friends, Uo-chan is a former "Yankee" (female gang member basically) who was saved by Tohru's mother (Kyoko) and has since become a much more upstanding citizen. Although she still maintains a Yankee appearance... and brings lead pipes to school... and threatens to beat up people that are mean to Tohru. :P Uo-chan really looked up to Kyoko, and her death had a big impact, but Uo-chan now protects Tohru and would do anything for her friends. She's strong, light-hearted and loves to have a good time, joking with and teasing people, but knows when it's time to be serious too. She's wise and logical although she doesn't study very much, she's a hard worker when she needs to be. I think her look is sexy and mysterious, and she definitely works that black trenchcoat. With her cool exterior and great personality, Uo-chan is my kind of girl.

Don't be a Yankee-hater.
Also from "Renkin San-Kyuu Magical? Pokaan," Pachira is a "young" vampire princess who lives with the other underworld princesses. Like most vampires, Pachira can turn into a bat, fly, drinks the blood of humans for sustenance, and has to wear thick clothes and a box over her head to go outside during the day. :P Naturally Pachira is nocturnal, sleeping through most of the day and going out to "hunt" for a gorgeous, rich, old-fashioned man to use her nubile feminine charms on. Rather than suck their blood, though, Pachira hopes for a romantic relationship. However, her attempts at seduction are met with awkward, confused looks, since most guys take one look at her and assume she is far too young for romance. Poor, poor Pachira. Cursed with an under-developed body that haunts her thoughts... she even goes to great lengths to try and boost her bust size... sigh. Pachira is sassy and sarcastic around her friends, showing off that bit of attitude I like, and is the most boy-crazy of the 5 princesses. :) Don't be so worried about your chest, Pachira, there are plenty of guys who'd fall for you just the way you are, one of 'em is right here. ;)

This vampiress doesn't suck.
Maki "Airmaster" Aikawa
Maki Aikawa is not your average high school girl. From Airmaster, Maki is a huge brute of a woman, an orphan, an amazing fighter, and not the sharpest knife in the drawer. Formerly a champion gymnast, Maki earned her nickname of "Airmaster," after becoming known as one of the greatest vaulters ever, but after Maki's mother (also her coach) died, Maki was left alone and confused. That's when she took up street fighting. Whether it was out of frustration or just a need to use her amazingly fit and strong body, I don't know, but she is very good at it, seeming to have a mind dedicated completely to competing, she blends her knowledge of gymnastics with what she learns in fights, and continues her legend as the Airmaster on the streets. Maki's personality is very laid-back. When she makes friends (after some classmates of hers witnessed one of her fights and took her in), she is pretty much a follower in the group, shy and reserved, often sleeping anywhere she sits down, but if she's needed to fight or protect her friends, she will spring into action. She is fairly attractive (supposed to be really good-looking according to other people's reactions in the show, but the art style is very plain) despite her massive size (must be a few inches over 6 feet tall) and although her mind works very slowly, her lower IQ doesn't really hurt her since she can fight her way out of most situations if she has to, and when it comes to fighting, she's a genius. Even though she could kick my @ss in less than a second, Maki Aikawa is still a big lovable teddy bear.

She may be huge, but she's still cute. :P
Michelle Cheung
Another of the lovely ladies from R.O.D the TV, Michelle is the eldest paper sister, but she doesn't act it. Michelle is a bibliomaniac like Maggie, and has even less willpower when it comes to books, sometimes buying out entire stores with her beloved credit card. She's a very attractive, mature-looking woman, but her personality is childish. She's extremely optimistic and emotionally stable, able to keep her head no matter what kind of situation she's in, but also thinks she can use her feminine charms to get whatever she wants. Michelle's carefree attitude, feminine charms and unusual train of thought earn her this spot in my harem. :)

She probably won't notice if you stare. ;)

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