Ratphlegm's Animated Family and Friends

My (Dangerous) Anime Family
My Mother - Kisaragi Ninomai
Mama Kisaragi (Happy Lesson) is just too cool. A brilliant scientist, inventor and teacher, Kisaragi keeps her cool no matter what the situation and is always ready for a new experiment. Subtle in her expressions, it's hard to tell exactly what she's thinking about at any given time, but she always has her children's happiness in mind. She may be unconventional, but that's how any good parent works.
My Father - Kamon Nandaba
Aww Dad, quit embarrassing me. A hopeless freelance writer, Kamon (FLCL) is an understanding father...for the most part, as he is still quite childish himself. A bit of a pervert with an open mind, and his willingness to try knew things makes him the perfect test subject for Mama Kisaragi! True love is hard to find, but I think these two play well off each other and would make a nice set of parents for a few children.
Elder Brother - Taishi Kuhonbutsu
My brother!!! Taishi (Comic Party) is a man with grand dreams and a great talent for research and motivation. His supreme confidence in other people's abilities makes him extremely likable, and his ranting and raving motivational speeches make him seem like the ideal elder brother. He knows when to step in and give advice and when to let you figure it out on your own. He even seems like a fairly logical offspring of Kisaragi and Kamon, with her intelligence and planning, and Kamon's confidence and imagination. But as you can see, this family is already beginning to show that left to our own devices, we could be dangerous.
2nd Child, Me - Mullin Shetland
Well, here I am, one of the middle children. Mullin (Last Exile) reminds me of myself in a lot of ways. A strong belief in doing "the right thing," being honest and tries not to pass judgements on people. He's a bit of a lonely guy and just wants to find a girl he can love, though he finds himself falling for just about every girl he meets, he doesn't have a clue about what to do or say when it comes to the ladies. He's also a bit lost about what he wants to do with his life and ends up just doing what he's told or what he's used to doing, because that's all he knows. I'm not really sure how Mullin fits with this family, but he would look to Taishi and his parents for guidance, and of course love to play with his little sisters.
Younger Sister - Kagura
With two elder brothers, it's only natural that Kagura (Azumanga Daioh) would become a bit of a tomboy. Well, more than a bit, but yeah, Kagura's probably about a year younger than me, a sports enthusiast and focuses on the swim team. There's no telling where she got the genes for athletics, must have skipped a generation, but she's definitely got some talent. She missed out on her mother's brains, but she's easy going and has a good sense of humor. As the other middle child, she naturally thinks her family is totally wierd, except for me of course, and we're pretty close as far as siblings go. I also enjoy sports and I'm sure Kagura and I would spend a lot of time together, helping each other practice, and joking around. She and I would be the pawns to carry out the great plans the rest of the family came up with.

Is it wierd to think my sister is sexy?
The Baby - Kaolla Su
Woot! Kaolla (Love Hina) just might be my favorite character, period. Completely free of worry, restriction, and self-consciousness, Kaolla is just purely awesome. A mechanical and electronic genius (she definitely acquired her mother's brains) and a free spirit, Kaolla creates all kinds of fun machines to amuse herself with. Always happy and energetic (and hungry!) she bounces around everywhere she goes, but don't think she's just a simple genius, there's more to her than meets the eye! She truly loves her family and already has great aspirations to become an electronics (and robotics) developer. Cute, fun and carefree, Kaolla would make a perfect little sister, and addition to this family. Beware of Mecha-Tamas!

More pics of my beloved baby sister!
The Robot - Canti
No anime family would be complete without a robot (or a pet, but considering this family, the choice is obvious), and Lord Cantide (FLCL) is easily my favorite robot, so he gets the nod. Purchased from Medical Mechanica, Canti has to do most of the household chores, as everyone else is busy most of the time, but due to his efficiency, he's still got plenty of time to play with Kaolla. By "play with", I of course mean "get disassembled, modified and reassembled repeatedly by." Canti is mostly a helper robot, but he will occasionally show emotions too, and enjoys spending time with the family members, helping Kagura and me with our athletic practices and the others with their science experiments. Canti's a pretty good cook, and enjoys his own cooking as well...but what in the world is a robot eating for?

Unforgettable Friends
Ayumu "Osaka" Kasuga
Since it would be impossible to rank these people any other way, we'll go in a kind of alphabetical order, which means we start with Osaka! This girl is just too cool, in her own way. She spaces out constantly, thinks about and says the most random things, and is hopelessly funny. From Azumanga Daioh, Osaka (nicknamed because she's a transfer student from - you guessed it - Osaka) seems to be a complete ditz, but her brain just works in a totally different way than everyone else's. Shes full of all kinds of strange ideas and trivial knowledge, but still manages to get horrible grades because she's never paying attention to what most people would consider to be "important". She often freaks her friends out telling strange "ghost stories" and the show does a great job of getting into her head and showing us what she's thinking about. I could put just about all the main characters from Azumanga Daioh here, but Osaka stands out as the one I'd most likely be friends with.

Check out this crazy girl!
Derek "Stormy" Waters
Hehe, Stormy (Sealab 2021), the kind of guy you gotta have around when you're hanging out with a group. A bit full of himself, but hopeless anyway, he'll spout cliche's and catch-phrases until he's blue in the face (from people hitting him), and is always prepared to say,"No." when he's told to shut up. Not the sharpest tree in the forest, but you gotta have a couple guys around you can play practical jokes on, and Stormy's got enough sense of humor (or too few brain cells not) to take a joke.
Gascogne Rheinau
The storage and supply officer on the Nirvana (the main ship in Vandread), Gascogne is a strong and reliable woman. She's experienced and wise about the world and people, and would undoubtedly be the person I would turn to for advice on just about any subject. I think she's quite attractive despite her lack of style and "butch" manner, but I also don't think she's too interested in men as significant others ;). She's friendly and very likable, and when she's needed, no matter how dire the situation, she's prepared to give her all to help those she cares about. Gascogne would definitely be a very treasured friend.
Hyosuke Magumo
Hell yeah! Hyosuke (Onegai Teacher) is a true guy's guy. He's loud, he's strong, he's playful, and he doesn't care what other people think about it! Hyosuke is the kind of guy that makes a descision on a whim and everyone still follows him, just because he looks so sure of himself that what could possibly go wrong? He exudes confidence and attracts the ladies, but that's about the only time he's at a loss for words. He's got brains and brawn, and personality so it's no wonder the ladies would love him, and he's ambitious as well, with his eyes set on becoming a politician. Hyosuke is just a cool guy and things would never get boring with him around :)
Inoue Orihime
From Bleach, Inoue Orihime is a really goofy girl. She reminds me of a sort of mix between Mutsumi (from Love Hina) and Osaka (from Azumanga Daioh) in that she's really smart, (gets very good grades), but thinks about things in a very different way, thinking up and saying some of the most random things. XP She lives on her own as a teenager, and the food she eats is... well... "unusual." She naturally has to cook for herself and her creations are strange combinations... in one episode she brought an unsliced loaf of bread and a jar of sweet bean paste... cause that way she could make her own sweet bread... Another favorite scene of mine was when the girls were eating lunch in a group and another of the girls asked Rukia if she and Ichigo were dating (Rukia and Ichigo are the two main characters) and when she denied it, Inoue got all frowny-faced and explained; If Rukia had liked Ichigo, then she (Inoue) would've also fallen for Ichigo, and then Tatsuki would've fallen for him and all the other girls too, so it would be an overwhelming victory for the girls' team! She's a very nice girl and a good friend, usually maintaining a very positive outlook on life and seems to make people feel better just by being around them. She makes me feel better too, cause she's a riot and rather easy on the eyes as well. :D

She wants to be a battle robot when she gets older. :P
Just about the perfect grade-school friend, Jason (Home Movies) is a crude, chubby kid with a great (childish) sense of humor. He's one of the "talented actors" that likes to make films after school, and he can be seen in drag, monster costumes, or just about anything you can think of. He's egotistical, and tends to throw some hilariously wild temper-tantrums. He and Brendon share some good times and bad times (recalling the fat-enabler episode) but they stick together through it all, despite both of them wanting to marry the same girl, coincidentally the only girl they know. Jason would be a good friend through early childhood, but if he ever came between me and my Dita, he'd be a goner ;)
Ling-Pha Wong
From Battle Athletes Victory, Ling-Pha is hilariously mischievous. The granddaughter of a rich and powerful chairman of some kind of corporation, she competes to continue the Wong tradition of greatness. However... she isn't nearly as athletic as she needs to be and instead uses devious plots and traps against the girls she's competing against, getting her many servants to do her bidding, while she remains happy and cute. She's quite a jokester too, even when being scolded by her overbearing grandfather she looks like she's having a great time, and she's a major scene-stealer with a few of her lines and actions. Ling-Pha would be a great friend to have around when I just want to have some fun.
This not-so-smooth-talker would be a sure addition to my list of friends. Miroku (Inu Yasha) is a monk that bears a curse on his right hand, a swirling vortex that sucks anything and everything into it, and into some unknown space, but that has very little to do with why he's such a cool guy. He's a hopeless wanna-be ladies man, that knows the way to a girl's booty, but mostly without permission. He has no idea about how to win over a girl's heart, but that doesn't stop him from trying the direct approach...the VERY direct approach. I think I'd get along well with Miroku, laughing when he gets slapped, but trying my best to help him figure out the right way to go about things. He's got a good sense of humor and can laugh at his own mistakes, and his quote,"It was worth the pain." is a classic.
Vash the Stampede
I don't even know what to say about Vash (Trigun). He's just cool...most of the time he's a total goofball, but when things get dangerous, he's the first one to try and settle things. Despite seeming rather hopeless, the ladies love him, maybe because he has a reputation as a bad boy, when he's really about the nicest guy you'd ever meet. He's easy-going and loves to party, but always makes sure he doesn't go over his limit, just in case he's needed. Caring and friendly, Vash would definitely be a good guy to have around.
Yayoi Takashina
Despite having the least screen-time of any of the supporting characters in Pretear, Yayoi still managed to become my favorite character in the show, stealing every scene she was in :) . She looks like a fairly average high school girl, but her wild imagination makes her special. A fan of romance novels, Yayoi enjoys reading, and (what really makes her special) inventing stories about what might happen with her friends relationships, jumping to conclusions about everything and losing herself in the romantic possibilities. When she does so, she gets so excited... Yayoi's just too cool!

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