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My First Love- Dita Liebely
I had never really thought about an animated girl being someone I could spend my life with (sure I'd lusted after a few...) until I 'met' Dita. I was sitting down watching Animidnight on the action channel one friday night, since I wanted to check out this show Vandread that I hadn't heard of but had looked it up to see if it might be something I wanted to watch, but little did I know I would be falling in Love. Vandread has a very good premise (men and women live on separate planets, etc.) and animation, but Dita Liebely, this young, good-natured apprentice space pilot with a peaked interest in aliens, stands out even in a great anime. Having never been around males before, Dita is the first one on her ship to find and interact with men. Since men are considered alien, Dita is extremely curious and is the only one courageous (or na´ve) enough to interact with them at first, setting her sights on the youngest male of the 3 and sticking to him like glue :). She just likes him for who he is despite his often bad attitude and coldness towards her, and after the third episode or so I was already screaming at Hibiki (the object of her curiosity and later affection) to quit being a dumb*ss! I grew to love Dita's optimistic and generous personality quite quickly, and dang...I'd love to get into that cockpit. (*ahem* score one for double-entendre) She's excitable, has a great smile, is outgoing, and yet shy when things start to get serious with the boy she likes, plus she's a great cook! What more could a guy ask for? Oh yeah... this is a harem after all... I suppose I'll have to oblige then ;)

more pics of my lovely Dita!
Perfection?- Kirie Kojima
Kirie... such a beautiful name, and what a girl she is. Kirie Kojima (Girls Bravo) has so many things going for her in my mind, I don't know where to start. Hmm, well first of all, Girls Bravo is an ecchi comedy harem anime, I've heard the second season is much heavier on the ecchi, but I've only seen the first season so I'll go with what I know. The main character, Yukinari, is a short boy who has been picked on by girls ever since he was a kid and has developed a sickness that gives him hives whenever he's very close to girls. Kirie is Yukinari's next-door-neighbor and although she too bullies him at times, she has a crush on him. She's too shy or worried about what Yukinari would say if she told him she likes him though, considering his sickness, and she hopes he will make the first move, however, he is transported to another world via his bath tub and meets another girl, who doesn't cause his sickness to react, and they both return to earth... much to Kirie's chagrin. Kirie is friendly, helpful, intelligent, self-confident, very sexy, stylish, impulsive (which often leads to her performing various wrestling moves against perverted males), forgiving and strong, but when when supernatural things start happening around her, she loses her composure, screaming and cowering behind anything or anyone she can find, which I thought was extremely cute for an otherwise very capable young woman. Her appearance is the final knockout blow for me, and I think I'd better watch Vandread again, because Kirie is gently nudging Dita off the pedestal.

Don't look too close, or this knockout will knock YOU out.
Empowered- Ayu Daikuuji
Ayu is easily the best thing about Kimi ga Nozomu Eien. Just as I was getting fed up with the confusing/rushed story line, Ayu appeared in her first scene and stole my attention. A waitress at a family restaraunt, Ayu brought an incorrect order to some guy, and stood there while he got all mad at her, saying simply "huh" to acknowledge his increasingly loud complaints, then when he crossed the line and splashed his water on her, she screamed his head off and made a huge scene even though it was initially her mistake, hell yeah! Actually, Ayu is the daughter of the head of a huge corporation, and I'm not entirely sure of her reasons for working as a waitress, but I would assume that since she's such a self-righteous girl that she wants to make it on her own and not simply live the life of a spoiled corporate child. Her manners are strangely atrocious, and she is very assertive in showing her feelings, often with beautiful fountains of foul language and insults. Hey eyes are very expressive and often dangerous looking, and I just think she's extremely sexy. She's not all bad though; she's intelligent, helps out her friends when they need it, and tries to get people to act "the right way", that is, to be themselves without being overbearing. Basically, like she is. ;) The waitress uniform helps, certainly, but the power about her and the way her bark is so much bigger than her bite (I'm pretty sure she only retaliates once, though her male coworker is often forced to "punish" her by holding her cheeks pinched) really turn me on - I would try quite hard to make her blush, 'cause I know I'd love that look on her. Ayu's cute appearance and strong attitude makes me want to do naughty things to her in return.

Ayu's Dangerous Gallery
Loyalty- Maggie Mui
I never thought a 6'1" tall woman could be this adorable. Maggie Mui from R.O.D. the TV (series for Read or Die) is by far my favorite "quiet character" out of all the anime I've seen. Maggie isn't the typical quiet, timid girl though, she's more of a soft-spoken and somewhat awkward young woman. She's a bibliomaniac (serious book-lover) and a "paper master" (a super power that enables her to control paper... creating objects with it and using it in ways you wouldn't expect paper to be used) specialising in the use of "puppets," ranging from simple to very complex and huge animals. She lives with her two "sisters" (not blood related, but very very close friends), Michelle, a fellow bibliomaniac and typical optimistic and ditzy blonde, and Anita, a rowdy book-loathing girl in her early teens, both of whom also happen to be paper masters. The three of them make up the "Three Sisters Detective Agency" which specializes in recovering lost or rare books. Maggie's paper mastery is probably the most advanced of the sisters and she is responsible for most of the transportation and defense when conflicts arise. She is a very caring person and loves her sisters dearly, and is probably the nicest person I'd ever want to meet. She would do anything to help out her sisters, or other people she truly cares for. She's not completely selfless though, and isn't afraid to ask for something she wants, especially if it has to do with books. :P Maggie maintains a calm demeanor and when there's something she has to do, she's a very capable person, often putting herself on the line to keep her sisters out of harm's way. Outside of danger though, Maggie is easily embarrassed and blushes quite often, but that makes her look even cuter. :D I'd love to share a small enclosed space with Maggie.

She's not used to this kind of attention.
Independence- Sei Satou
Sei Satou, better known as Rosa Gigantea (from "Maria-sama ga Miteru"), is a young woman who is supposed to be a role model for her classmates. She has many good qualities going for her; she's intelligent, clever, confident and keeps her cool at all times. As for being a role model though, Sei prefers to just be herself and let her younger classmates decide for themselves how to live their lives. She enjoys joking around and stirring up trouble with her mostly uptight house-members, and takes particular enjoyment in teasing/coming-on-to Yumi, a cute, expressive first-year girl. Sei is by no means cruel though, and is a great friend to Yumi, as well as her own petite souer ("little sister," a girl one year below her in school that the Roses (members of this particular house) take under their wing to help them become capable young women), Shimako, whom Rosa Gigantea is much more straightforward with, trying to pass on her confidence and emotional strength. Although Sei always seems to be in a good mood, she has a sad past, and is probably much lonelier than she lets on, and one flashback scene in particular about her past was the most romantic thing I've ever seen in anime. In many ways, Sei reminds me of the qualities I like about myself, and the way she's able to use them to make her life interesting makes me want to be her, or be with her.

Careful in here, she might trap you. ;)
Passion- Satsuki Kitaouji
Easily my favorite character from Ichigo 100%, Satsuki Kitaouji is a fun and passionate girl. Ichigo 100% is a fairly basic harem anime where-in the male protagonist, Manaka, has to try and decide which of 4 beautiful girls he likes the most, and Satsuki plays the part of the friendly and fun girl that he can talk to easily. Naturally Satsuki wants to be more than just friends (it's a harem anime, like I said :P) and becomes jealous because Manaka likes other girls too. Even though she suspects Manaka likes another girl more than her, she is determined to win him over, and does everything in her power to try and give herself the advantage. She uses her feminine charms aggressively towards him, and a few times even tries to come between him and the other girls he likes. Satsuki is funny, seductive, devious, affectionate, impulsive and goes after what she wants relentlessly. She's not always nice, but isn't above complimenting even her rivals when it's deserved. So, Satsuki, even if Manaka doesn't choose you, I would in an instant.

She's a bit of a show-off, just don't call her an exhibitionist.
Polarity- Lisianthus
From "Shuffle!", Lisianthus, or Sia-chan, is the daughter of the King of Gods, and a seriously adorable young woman. Reminding me a lot of my long-time #1 girl here, Dita Liebely, Sia-chan is happy, excitable, expressive and affectionate. Her long red (well, auburn) hair and shapely body are similar also, but Sia-chan is by no means a replica. Her voice is extremely cute, especially her giggle, and the clothes she wears are very stylish, accentuating and complementing her physical appearance very nicely. She has a bit of a temper when it comes to being embarassed by her father, and she tends to smash him with chairs, but she's nice to everyone else. She's not very good in school, and isn't the most tactful girl around, but her biggest issue is something she holds inside her... a second personality. This persona of hers manifests when the guy she likes starts to like another girl more... "bad Sia" decides to take an aggressive approach when dealing with the object of her (their?) affection. Naughty Sia-chan reminded me a bit of Satsuki Kitaouji, as she goes after what she wants relentlessly and passionately, without concern for anyone else's feelings, or "manners." Her face and voice turn from cute to seductive, and she has no reservations about doing anything it takes to get her man's attention. Capable of being magnetically adorable or undeniably seductive, Lisianthus is the best of both worlds. :D With Sia-chan around, things would always be interesting.

How can you possibly resist this face?

Responsibility- Sumi Ikuina
Sumi Ikuina: Buddhist nun-in-training, vessel for the power of the animal realm, and all-around sweet young woman. From "Amaenaideyo!" Sumi is one 7 young Buddhist monks/nuns training at a special temple, 6 girls and one guy, Ikkou. Now, Ikkou is a typical teenaged boy, raging hormones (though he's not really out of control, except when his power is unleashed... nevermind that though), not too good in school, etc. and all the other girls at the temple treat him like dirt despite his best efforts. Sumi, on the other hand, is gentle and understanding, remaining objective about conflicts that arise instead of immediately pinning responsibility on Ikkou as the rest do, and speaks up (if you can hear her soft-spoken voice over the din of the others) to try and settle things down. Sadly, she is mostly ignored by the other characters, and the plot for that matter, much to my disappointment. Anyway, this is supposed to be about Sumi, not the mediocrity of the show she appears in. :P When I first saw a picture of miss Sumi Ikuina, it was love at first sight, or the equivalent there-of. ;) She had curves, a wonderful tan, short hair AND thick eyebrows! She could have been concept art of my animated dream girl. :P Naturally I had to find the series she was from and watch it to find out more about her. Although she did not disappoint me at all through both seasons of the series, she recieved the least character development of the main students... this may be the only reason why Sumi is not #1 in this harem. She is kind, generous, objective and responsible, as she cooks most of the meals at the temple, tries to keep the peace without getting angry or placing blame, never shirks her duties, and perhaps most significantly: is the only one of the 7 main characters who respects her religous oaths! Although in actuality this would put a damper on a relationship, vows of chastity and all, it takes a lot of strength to remain pure, and the fact that she is actually serious about her chosen path in life is something to be admired. Sumi is hard on herself though, and though she is always willing to help out others with their problems and work, she is stubborn in letting others help her. The one episode Sumi got to be the star in dealt with her battle to control her hidden powers, and I would say the experiences she had to deal with prior to gaining full control were the most disturbing of the 7... as she unwillingly attracted all sorts of animals. :( She had to deal with the embarassment of beastial sexual harassment, and with no one to really give her any comfort, she beat herself up over it and secluded herself in her room, relying only on herself to focus her mind and overcome her fears through prayer and sutra recitation. (or something like that, I'm no expert on Buddhism, and yeah... this show was not exactly 4 star material :P ) She needs a hug... lots of hugs, and she deserves them too. Dibs.

Woe... the sorrow of loving a nun. ;)
Truth- Misato Katsuragi
Misato Katsuragi is a very interesting woman. From Neon Genesis Evangelion, Misato is the only survivor from an area hit by a massive catastrophe during her childhood, and she was orphaned and "adopted" by a world defense organization. For a few years after the accident, she was naturally greatly traumatized and shut herself off from everyone, but she recovered and became an outgoing young woman that takes full advantage of life. During the anime's "current" time, Misato is the mission commander for NERV, earth's last hope for survival against attacks from extremely dangerous aliens known as "Angels". She's extremely smart and makes good decisions even under extreme pressure, but sometimes lets her personal feelings get in the way. She hates the Angels, since they are the reason she lost her family, but she really is a very good-natured person. She's very likable and loves to have fun when she's not overcome by her difficult job, and despite her wont to keep people out of her heart, she can't help but let them in. Misato is a sexy and capable woman that works hard and plays hard, and can't help but care about the people around her.

More of this amazing woman with a tragic past.
Sufferage- Abelia
Departing from the light-heartedness of the first few on this list, we come to a truly amazing woman. Abelia (from Now and Then, Here and There) is the army's General, advisor to, whipping-girl, and 'mother' to the sociopathic King Hamdo. She has the single worst job I have ever seen or heard of anywhere and she does it impossibly well. The anime she is in is certainly a great one, but after seeing the first 10 episodes, my main concern was what happens with Abelia, not the main characters. She amazes me in her ability to... well... not kill herself, to tell the truth, and that is very sexy. Her willpower and determination to do her jobs, however impossibly difficult they are, earns her a place in my heart. I can only assume that her intelligence tells her that despite his often abusive behavior, the King needs (loves? though I suppose a sociopath can't truly care for another person) her and without her, he would destroy himself and everyone under his control... which is quite a few people since he's the King, and that is why she remains loyal to him. She has a dark beauty about her, though the stress she endures must be burned into her face, I would be glad to help her relieve that. She deserves someone who will treat her well, not an abusive psychopath.

A few more pics of the strong Abelia.
Loneliness- Primula
Also from "Shuffle!", Primula is a young girl that is very much alone. Since she was created by magic through artificial means, she doesn't even have a mother or father, and having spent most of her life in a laboratory being experimented on, she has had almost no one to get close to. She comes to live with the main character Rin and Kaede in the story and finally gets the opportunity to have a family. Primula is the definition of "solitaire" and a great deal of her charm comes from that fact. The rest of it comes from her gorgeous character design, desire for companionship, and thoughtful, observant personality. Rimu-chan is the first girl that doesn't look fully physically developed that I've truly lusted for, though her long legs and the general look of her face give off a mature vibe. Her eyes are a deep blue-violet, and her piercing stare is hypnotic. Something else I noticed was that even the back of her head is beautiful, with her hair up in those disshevelled pigtails, exposing her feminine neck and her perfect pointy ears. Personality-wise, Primula is a very intelligent girl, watching people closely and is eager to learn new things, especially if it means she can help out the people she cares for. And does she ever care for them... Rimu-chan is very affectionate and gives great hugs. The way she buries her head into Rin is adorable... I want a hug like that. (o^_^o) She's always willing to help her friends no matter how serious the problem, with physical labor or as a shoulder to cry on. Her facial expressions are subtle, but she really wasn't used to expressions, and as the story progressed and she interacted with people more, she started to open up, and she has a truly wonderful smile. :D So even if Primula is only 12-years-old, she's still more than qualified for a position in this harem.

Won't you keep her company awhile?
Seduction- Goei
From Ikkitousen, Goei is the mother of Sonsaku Hakufu, the main character of the show. I didn't care that much for Hakufu, but miss Goei was a gorgeous woman in her sexual prime. ;) In her 30's, Goei is still beautiful, and adorably lusty, constantly talking about her latest and next romances, thinking up the naughtiest possibilities when questions arise, and trying her best to sneak in and win the hearts of energetic young men that her daughter meets. Around the house she is very motherly though, doing the chores wearing a traditional kimono, but when her daughter does stupid things, she has to give her spankings as punishment. (If you couldn't tell, this show is definitely geared towards stimulating the male libido ;) More and more, I'm finding that women with "mature femininity," or give off a motherly vibe are much more attractive to me, and Goei certainly fits into that category. With worldly experience and her voluptuous shape, she's the kind of woman who would be able to comfort a distraught man physically and reassure him emotionally; and with her naughty little mind, would definitely keep things from getting dull. ;) Goei is a great character, and she wouldn't have to try very hard to seduce this young man.

Goei invites young virile men inside!
Hedonism- Mitsune "Kitsune" Konno
This Foxy young 'freelance photographer' prefers sleeping in, hanging out around Hinata Inn and having fun than doing any sort of work. From Love Hina, Kitsune is the girl that likes playing practical jokes on the other residents, and partying. Although she often messes with them, Kitsune is a great friend and has a kind heart, trying her best to help bring her friends together and solve their problems, though she's often devious in her ways. She hides her doubts and concerns from other people, preferring to make people laugh and feel good than burden them with her problems. This often gives people an incorrect impression of how she really feels though, and she really just wants to give her love to someone, but that won't stop her from having fun. A bit of a lush and none-too-serious about the world, she's the kind of easy-going girl I could go for, if only she would look at me.

Ooh, see her beautiful brown eyes?

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