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Tomomi Harukawa
Tomomi... even her name pleases me. :D Harukawa-san is the secondyoung woman in the harem that hails from a hentai, "Moonlight Lady" to be specific, but even so, she almost made it out of the Lust section. She ended up here because a lot of what's going on in the series is vague, I'm not even sure if Tomomi is actually alive, if she's alive but posessed by an undead spirit, or something else entirely. :P Anyway, most of the time Tomomi is a sweet, caring woman who is the personal maid of a rich girl, Suzuna (and later her fiancee as well), whose family has some sort of spiritual ritual that is passed down through the generations. Tomomi cares dearly for Suzuna and is a good friend to her as well as maid, but sometimes Tomomi loses her usual shyness about her (lucious ;) body, becoming forward and seductive (it's some kind of spell or something.. it happens to a few characters). So yeah... a beautiful woman that is warm, inviting and motherly that occasionally becomes a seductive technician, what's not to lust after? >:D

Tomomi's many charms...
Mina Hayase
If it weren't for the fact that Mina hails from a hentai, she would probably be in my top ten, but since the show (and game) she's from is titled "Sex Friend," she'll have to deal with being up top in this section only. My first experience with Mina was when I got the chance to see a few CG's from the game she stars in, and it was some of the most beautiful artwork I'd yet seen in a game of that sort. (I'd post more pics from it here but yeah... not exactly PG :P) I haven't seen anything since that compares really, but I was forced to look for the animated OVA and watch it, it was the first hentai I'd watched. As the title suggests, it's basically about two high school kids who are "friends with benefits," an ambiguous relationship to begin with, but it really feels like there's a developing love. Mina is a fairly simple character, a cute & sexy girl who's pretty randy, and has a bit of personality. She teases a little, but is open-minded and forgiving. (except with her old boyfriend at the beginning of the show... I dunno what he did, but ouch, he got dumped HARD) Anyway, Mina is definitely a harem kind of girl. ;)

Well, what do you wanna do? ;D
Recently when I began playing Guilty Gear Isuka, the only character I had any real affection for was Baiken... but the moment I saw (and heard) I-no in action, that changed. I-no is sex, drugs and rock-and-roll, and her heavenly bedroom voice is a nice distraction from her beating the hell out of the poor sap she's fighting with her selection of aerial and ranged attacks. Her backstory is basically nonexistant, but she seems to be a Rockstar, a witch, and more than a little bit of an exhibitionist, and generally a hedonist, living her life to do anything and everything "fun." >:D Her movements are sensual and the way she swings her "axe" so aggressively is flat out hot... not sure I'd want to be on the recieving end of THAT kind of fun, but yeah... she's definitely a true lust.

It's good to be bad. >:D
Ukitsu simply has THE look that I adore over any other. The medium-short dissheveled/spiky dark hair, the dark eyes, the mischievous look, the strong-but-not-overly-buff body, sigh... her eyebrows could be a tad thicker, but nobody's perfect. ;) I don't know when it was I decided this was my favorite look, but Ukitsu and other girls of this type (Kagura one of my younger animated sisters, Blue from Wolf's Rain) just look like they know how to have a good time - playing sports, dancing, and especially after hours events. In the anime, Ukitsu is a very strong fighter, and the fated rival of Sonsaku. (the main character) She wears 20kg weights around both wrists and ankles to increase her strength (Piccolo-esque?) and is extremely fast. Like I said before she doesn't get any character development devoted to her so it's difficult to say what her personality is, but nonetheless, I'd like to do some "physical training" with her. Be gentle please, Ukitsu.

More pictures of this fiesty fighter.
Sadly, despite all the time I've spent watching anime, I've not once seen even one episode of a Tenchi series or movie. I did however play some silly Tenchi Muyo Super Nintendo game... anyway, from pictures and that game alone, I've developed a nice crush on Mihoshi. I think she's a space police officer, and a ditzy one at that, but she's very cute, and cuteness on a young woman is never a bad thing. I like her tan quite a bit, and her almost-elven ears... sigh, I guess I really do need to watch some of that show.
Amelia Wil Tesla Seyruun
I've not seen a whole lot of Slayers, only 3 or 4 episodes in which Amelia appears even, but she won me over in a hurry. Excitable, enthusiastic, cute and clumsy, Amelia is a scene-stealer and my attention tends to stick on her when I watch. Even though she acts rather childish most of the time, she doesn't particularly look like one, and my thoughts about her have drifted beyond what's PG acceptable... *ahem* yeah. Amelia is cute and sexy at the same time. :P
The first picture I ever saw of Baiken intrigued me greatly, but it wasn't until recently that I got the chance to play one of the Guilty Gear games, Isuka to be specific. Sadly though, that game doesn't provide any character stories so I didn't learn much about Baiken's history, but anyway... Missing her left eye and right arm, Baiken still manages to be a strong and attractive woman. She wields a sword in battle, and some kind of chain-claw attached to the stump of her right arm, and her fighting style focuses on getting in very close-quarters with her opponent, and dealing nasty sword strikes and counters. This gives me the impression that Baiken is fearless when it comes to battle, and her voice is deep and taunting, a couple more things for me to like about this woman. From the very basic character descritions I've seen for her, Baiken witnessed the massacre of her family and village at the hands of the "Gears" (artificial-life killing machines or something like that) and seeks to destroy them for pure revenge. She loves her vices of drinking and smoking, which makes me wonder if there isn't maybe a third vice she enjoys taking part in... ;)

More pictures of this sexy swordmistress.
Kanu Uncho
Probably the most undeniably gorgeous character in Ikkitousen, Kanu is possibly the strongest of the fighters as well. She only appears in 2 or 3 episodes, but she is quite an intimidating woman despite her Kaolla Su style too-small school uniform (which by the way makes me drool). In the big fighters tournament she breezes through the first round by herself, despite having to fight 5 vs 1 (she was the only fighter sent from her school) she never even got hit. She ended up forfeiting in the second round even though she could have won easily, having shrugged off a broken arm and still beaten 2 opponents. Kanu's character design is purely beautiful, and the choice of outfit contrasts the beauty with too-small cuteness that just adds up to pure sexiness. Kanu is the kind of woman that I would be far too intimidated to speak to, but since this is my fantasy harem, Kanu, could you put that plate of hamburgers way up there on the top shelf... hamburgers... must be... high, dang look at that.

A small gallery of the statuesque Kanu.
Ma Mamie
Wow. From Photon: The Idiot Adventures, Mamie (shown with Pochi-left and Photon) is the hottest thing since spontaneous combustion, as far as appearance goes. She's a servant girl to the comedic villian of the story, and isn't really a main character by any means, but the moment I saw her I was in lust ;). She does a bit of fan service in an episode or two also, which I thought was quite welcome. I'm sure I could pass as a comedic villian in another story, so maybe Mamie could be convinced to come serve me instead, I may be a villian, but I'm a nice guy too!
Nadeshiko Benibara
I'm such a sucker for mature, professional women... and cleavage... so Nadeshiko-sensei from "Shuffle!" is a lock for my harem. She looks amazing, and her strict, demanding teaching style is pretty sexy too, gotta love a woman that takes control. She's a hard worker, and likes to stay active outside of school, keeping herself in great shape, but she seems a bit lonely. That's understandable though, as she's an intimidating woman, so the nice guys she'd like to meet either won't approach her, or witness her scaring the crap out of the rejects that do ask her out. I know a cozy place where she could work off some of her frustration, and she's welcome here anytime. ;)

Don't pet the teacher.
Miyako Amanogawa
From "Amaenaideyo!", this babe-alicious buddhist priestess is the older sister of one of the main characters, and is the head of one of the instructional temples. She has a warm, seductive personality and I really have no idea how the assumed vows of chastity remain intact as she teaches young men how to be monks... there is a fine line between pleasure and torture, and having to be around a woman as sexually stimulating as Miyako while attempting to repress such thoughts would just be cruel. She knows what she does to men, and certainly doesn't try to lessen the effect, wearing clothes that show off her cardiac-arrest body. That sort of this might not go over well at a buddhist temple, but around here it's A O K. >:D

Koyori (from Nurse Witch Komugi) is a rising star in Japan's modelling world... and sex appeal is her main quality. She's the main character's (Komugi, a childishly cute "cosplay idol") best friend and works for the same talent agency, although Koyori is by far that agency's most popular "talent." She's not too bright, but she's very nice, and apparently quite good at her job, but underneath the dumb model exerior lurks another personality: Magical Maid Koyori! This persona of hers just happens to be the devious villain, bent on spreading wierd germs (and being especially proud of herself) around Japan. The show is a silly ecchi parody, but Koyori certainly does her job of displaying sex appeal, so she'll fit nicely in this lust section. :P

A better view of this voluptuous vixen.
Nancy Makuhari
This dangerous beauty from Read or Die is a long overdue addition to this harem. Nancy Makuhari is a special agent for the British Library and teams up with Yomiko for a couple missions and they become close friends. Nancy is was a strong, skilled and intelligent woman throughout most of the story, but she is also difficult to trust and goes through several major character changes throughout the OVA. She has a special "transmission" ability which lets her (and objects in her possession) pass through solid objects at will, so impairing her movement is next to impossible. Her costume and usual personality are very sexy, but the inconsistency in her character keeps her in the pure lust section.

Ms. Deep's Gallery.
Kanae Morino
This sexy singer from Aquarian Age got my attention from the first scene she was in. Kanae is a seductively cute young woman who is forced to serve her agent (and master, I've only seen a few episodes of Aquarian Age and it's not very enlightening to the viewer about this whole subject, so I'm unsure what the deal is) and do his bidding. She has a power to battle in some kind of subspace dimension against other women, and when she does she transforms into a demon-werecat (also quite sexy). Her master is cruel to her, and she has a fiery temper, but she's apparently helpless to save herself. Her charms, power and vulnerability make Kanae one of my newest targets of lust.
Mylandah Arkar Walder
From Battle Athletes, Mylandah is a bad girl. Fiercely competetive and very strong, she does anything and everything in takes to win. However, she only sees one person as her opponent (Lahrri, the 2-time reigning champion) and everyone else is just an obstacle standing in her way of defeating Lahrri, and she can't stand them. The root of the rivalry apparently stems from when they were teammates their first year at the training satellite, but when they moved on to the individual competition portions, their coach became Lahrri's personal trainer and left Mylandah to fend for herself, while Lahrri went on to become champion. Mylandah is a vicious woman, but she is very sexy and dangerous as she strives to defeat her rival.
Yet another girl from "Shuffle!", Nerine is the most dumbfoundingly beautiful of them all. Although personality-wise, she's really not my type (too nice, refined and passive, and she's the daughter of the King of Demons!), but she might be the most physically beautiful character I've seen yet. Those ears of hers are probably my favorite feature, adding a bit of exotic cuteness. I don't know if it's really "lust", but I can't leave someone this pretty out in the cold, now can I? (o^_^o)

Beware, Princess of the Underworld inside.
Mikura Suzuki
This dangerous teenaged "princess" from Mezzo DSA caught my attention right away in the amazing opening action sequence for this otherwise average action anime. Mikura is an orphan girl who now lives with and works for a private protection agency. She and her two male coworkers a basically like inner-city mercenaries, doing dangerous jobs for money, and Mikura is the "muscle" of the team. She's skilled with most weapons and a great hand-to-hand fighter. Her personality isn't uncommon though, sassy, vain and very reckless, usually putting herself directly in the line of fire instead of using her wits, but it works for her. :P Not much to say except that she's sexy, and the costumes she wears to go undercover aren't too shabby.
Akane Suzumiya
Yet another sexy character from Kimi ga Nozomu Eien, Akane is a high school senior at the latter part of the show, and is the definition of "sexpot." She is strong and spunky, a great athelete and a very caring sister. Mostly though, her scenes in the anime are constantly showing her at a distractingly sexy angle, and her shape is very tight and compact, one of the several "ideal" forms of the female body. For a significant part of the story she's also wearing a middle school uniform despite being a senior in high school, and girls wearing things that they look a little out-of-place in is almost always sexy to me. "Akane-chan, if you're tired, you can sit down here... in my lap."
I haven't seen a whole lot of Saiyuki yet, but what I have seen is this: Lirin is a little hottie. A young demon girl (I assume young since she looks it) that is well developed nonetheless and is very powerful and just wants to have some fun. Unloved by her mother, she is lonely, and tends to hang out with her brother, but she seems to like the main character Sanzo, he's just a tough guy though and threatens to kill her, but I guess that's the way she likes it. She could come play with me anytime.
Ropponmatsu 2
From Excel Saga, Ropponmatsu 2 is a very hyper "teenager"-heavy-weapons-platform-android. Yeah... it's a wierd show, but Roppon 2 is very cute and falls in love with her master (Excel, the extremely hyper main character) in one episode, even though most of the time the Ropponmatsus' purpose was to kill Excel... Anyway, "she" is very cute, and I'd put her "sister" Ropponmatsu 1 in the harem as well if I could find a picture of her, she's a more mature looking and beautiful "woman" with short hair... *ahem* I quite liked these sexy androids. :D
Tanya Natdhipytadd
Another cutie from Battle Athletes, Tanya Natdhipytadd combines the fun-loving, carefree attitude of characters like Kaolla Su (Love Hina) and Radical Edward (Cowboy Bebop) with a very animal-like nature and appearance that reminds me of Blanka (Street Fighter 2). :P Hailing from a tribe in Africa, Tanya has a very simple mind (not a genius like the people she reminds me of) and just loves to exercise, eat, and sleep. Her language skills are less than great, but she's a very nice girl. Her role in the Battle Athletes OVA is what earns her her spot in this section though, as she was part of the girls school's headmaster's plan to try and distact the members of the boys school through sex appeal when the two schools faced off... he had a hard time teaching her how to be sexy but I think they pulled it off well enough. XP

More pics of this primal athlete.
Motoko Kouzuki
Another total babe, Motoko is the Doctor from Kimi ga Nozomu Eien. She too is a very minor character, but her character design is spectacular. She reminds me a little bit of Faye Valentine, with the purple hair and tight yellow outfit, but Motoko is a very professional woman, with a somewhat cliche unlit cigarette. Nonetheless, she is a 10 when it comes to pure sexiness.
Quon Kisaragi
Quon (from RahXephon) is a beautiful (alien? maybe?) girl that is impossible to ignore. Calm and serene with a quiet voice and very smooth motions, she nonetheless has a power about her personality, and is delightfully seductive. The first time she meets the main character (Kamina) she asks him to help her get dressed... that is to zip up her top. The zipper is of course in the front, and I can't really recall why she couldn't do it herself, but I don't care :). The calm that surrounds her makes poor Kamina unable to say no to any of her requests, and I'm sure I would be the same way. She's an extremely mysterious girl and I really don't know that much about her besides the way she acts towards Kamina, which is very... hands-on even though they are only co-workers ;). Quon is one of my newest lusts and I can't wait to see more of her.
Ariel (Disney's The Little Mermaid) was definitely my first animated lust. I was at that ripe young age when it was first released for her red hair and shining smile (and moreso her seashells) to get my attention. I think I actually preferred her with the fish tail though (Troy McClure Complex?) but she was cute as a mute also. As I got older though, Ariel got pushed aside in my mind by the hordes of anime characters I've had much more time to get to know (anime series being 13-26+ episodes usually tends to outweigh a 90-minute movie), but I still have to pay homage to my first. She found her prince anyway, so she should be happy enough without me ;)

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