Gallery of Aki Hinata

Mama-dono is a special brand of woman. As Keroro put it, "her basic abilities are high, and her physical form is of the highest grade on the planet." Aki Hinata is a mother that's easy to love. From "Keroro Gunso" (Sergaent Frog), Aki is a single mother of two teenagers who works as the editor of a young men's magazine. She works hard, and for her job, she's always investigating things that boys are into... manga, sports, video games, girls, and she seems to enjoy it just as much herself. :D She commutes to and from work on a bullet bike, wearing a sexy leather jacket, and has a great wardrobe aside from that too. She is intelligent and responsible, a wonderful mother to her children, and even a strict but friendly landlord to the squad of invading frog aliens that uses her home as a base of operations to plan their "invasion," making sure their leader earns his room and board by cleaning up the house. :P It should be pretty obvious why Aki made it into my harem with her delightful personality, gorgeous looks, and downright coolness, Aki is another sexy Mama.

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