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Gallery of Yuriko Oozora

My favorite part of the adorably sweet show Ground Defense Force Mao-Chan, Yuriko Oozora is the Student Body President of the high school associated with the title-character's grade school. Phew that was a mouth full, anyway, Yuriko is a very sweet, gentle and kind girl, who also happens to be half cute alien! Even so, she lives her life as a human by keeping her cat ears tucked in, though sometimes when she gets distracted, they pop out! When Japan starts to get invaded by the cute aliens from outer space, Yuriko is told that she must help the aliens and act as a spy with her classmate and fellow cat-girl Chinami. But when Japan introduces their tiny defender Mao-chan, Yuriko can't help but fall in love with the cute little girl, and from early on in the campaign, Yuriko is rooting for the good guys, while being forced by Chinami to oppose them. I couldn't help but like Yuriko from the first scene she was in, she's just too sweet and pretty (as all Ken Akamatsu girls are). She doesn't seem to be really smart, but is clever enough to help out the people she likes, and learns to make decisions for herself, which is a quality I basically require in a girl. Yuriko Oozora is a sweet little kitten and I just wanna glomp her. :)

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