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Gallery of Shinobu

The title character from 2x2=Shinobuden, Shinobu is a cute, extremely huggable ninja-in-training. As the only female in her class, Shinobu gets picked on (sexually harassed) by her classmates, and especially her perverted teacher. She's naive and doesn't has the best sense of judgement, so she gets herself into bad situations, but she tries really hard and follows her heart, and her luck is pretty good to help her out of the trouble she gets into. Shinobu isn't a very good ninja at all, but she makes a good friend in Kaede, who helps her out a lot. Shinobu develops a big girl-crush on her close friend though, and often spaces out thinking up nice/naughty things she'd like to do with her. ;) I wouldn't mind doing a few of those same thing with the adorable Shinobu.

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