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Gallery of Sherrice Adjani

The youngest (15 years) agent in HOLY, Sherrice (from sCRYed) has a very mysterious special power. So mysterious I don't really know what it is yet after seeing most of the first 15 episodes of the series, but that doesn't make it any harder to notice she's extremely cute. Scheris is a smart girl that tends to hang out with one of the high ranking male agents of HOLY, and advises him on actions to take and keeps a cool head, trying to keep the man she has an obvious crush on out of trouble. The fool doesn't realize she likes him though, so I feel bad for her, she's so cute and still can't get his attention. She is a kind person in a harsh world, and she does her best to make other people feel good about themselves, acting friendly towards new people and joking around harmlessly to make them feel welcome. She's a bit of a worrier, but she has good reason to be considering her dangerous job and how reckless the guy she likes is. How about you forget about him, Sherrice, I'm available! Her voice (in the english dub, once again I haven't seen this in japanese) is also perfectly cute to complete the set of appearance, personality and voice :)

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