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Gallery of Sei Satou

Sei Satou, better known as Rosa Gigantea (from "Maria-sama ga Miteru"), is a young woman who is supposed to be a role model for her classmates. She has many good qualities going for her; she's intelligent, clever, confident and keeps her cool at all times. As for being a role model though, Sei prefers to just be herself and let her younger classmates decide for themselves how to live their lives. She enjoys joking around and stirring up trouble with her mostly uptight house-members, and takes particular enjoyment in teasing/coming-on-to Yumi, a cute, expressive first-year girl. Sei is by no means cruel though, and is a great friend to Yumi, as well as her own petite souer ("little sister," a girl one year below her in school that the Roses (members of this particular house) take under their wing to help them become capable young women), Shimako, whom Rosa Gigantea is much more straightforward with, trying to pass on her confidence and emotional strength. Although Sei always seems to be in a good mood, she has a sad past, and is probably much lonelier than she lets on, and one flashback scene in particular about her past was the most romantic thing I've ever seen in anime. In many ways, Sei reminds me of the qualities I like about myself, and the way she's able to use them to make her life interesting makes me want to be her, or be with her.

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