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Gallery of Ryofu Hosen

One of many extremely sexy girls in Ikkitousen (Battle Vixens), Ryofu earns the highest spot among them after seeing only the anime. She is the second in command to the villian in the story, and the strongest fighter in the anime as well, but I just love her attitude. She knows she is a powerful woman, but she still opens her heart to those close to her. She's a flirt, a tease and is easily liked, despite her occasional arrogance. Her character is based on that of the warrior Lu Bu from the Romance of the Three Kingdoms chinese legends, and a sense of duty and self is very attractive in a woman. Her normal outfit of the school uniform skirt and jacket minus any other top is uhh... very... eye-catching, and there's something about those socks. Her open sexuality and enjoyment of the company of both men and women is a supreme turn-on for a yuri-lover such as myself. I sure wouldn't mind if she beat on me and paralyzed my muscles just so she could take advantage of me... Ryomou was so lucky.

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