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Gallery of Rushuna Tendo

Rushuna is a very kind and gentle person, carrying around the philosophy that instead of fighting, she should try to strip people of their armor. (it's a metaphor, seriously) That is to say that when she is forced to fight, which is quite often since there's a price on her head, she refuses to kill anyone. (yeah, so she's Vash, but Vash doesn't look like that) Instead she does her best to talk things out and make them realise fighting isn't the answer, because she truly loves people, and knows there's good inside of everyone. She's graceful and serene, while maintaining an ability to jump into action at a moments notice. She may not seem especially intelligent, but she's confident in her ability to do things the right way, and I guess you might say she's lucky enough that things work out. She treats everyone with the same kind of love, which I suppose makes her seem a bit detached and naive. She might not be the most original character, but I still love her. Come join me in the bath, Rushuna, the temperature is perfect.

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