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Gallery of Ranpha Franboise

The second young woman from "Galaxy Angel" in my harem, Ranpha is a girl on a mission. A mission to ensnare a handsome rich man and fall in love. :P Normally, I would not be impressed with such superficial motives (ahem... hypocrite!), but Ranpha has many redeeming qualities. ;) Most importantly, despite her appearance, Ranpha is not a spoiled girl that expects things to be given to her, she's quite the opposite, she works hard to become/remain beautiful by spending hours every day pumping iron... and is a talented wrestler. :P She enjoys long walks around the observation deck, and candlelight Chili Dog dinners, and daydreaming about the latest pretty boy that just inherited his family's 20 gajillion dollar intergalactic corporation. She hatches plans to seduce the guys she likes, but when she actually meets them, she is shy and scared, and things don't go at all as she planned. Aside from keeping in shape, Ranpha's other main hobby is fortune-telling, and she enjoys getting into the classic gypsy role. :P Although she's still mentally immature, Ranpha is a fun, beautiful girl I'd love to get pinned by.

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