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Gallery of Rabi en Rose

Jail Bait. From DiGi Charat Rabi en Rose is a girl that I drooled over the first time I saw her, and probably ever since. Despite the fact that she is mostly done in chibi style (chibi is childish, large head on small body) she is still extremely sexy, and several works of fan art and wallpapers I've seen featuring her are quite intriguing ;). After seeing DiGi Charat, I still think this girl is super sexy, she's cute and hopelessly confident to become the #1 Idol. Her real name is Hikaru Usada, but she hates being called that, preferring her stage name to increase her popularity! At the young age of 14 years, Rabi is already going after her dreams, and works hard to achieve them. She's really a very nice girl, working hard in school and at her part-time job too, treating her elders and people that are kind to her with respect, but if you try to stand in the way of her dream, she'll walk right over you. Basically she has a one-track mind; do everything she can to become the #1 Idol in Japan, even if it's really dangerous. I'm not sure what it is, the bunny ears, the not-so-innocent look, the short ruffly skirt... all of it put together maybe, but it's the kind of thing that could get me tossed in the slammer.

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