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Gallery of Primula

Also from "Shuffle!", Primula is a young girl that is very much alone. Since she was created by magic through artificial means, she doesn't even have a mother or father, and having spent most of her life in a laboratory being experimented on, she has had almost no one to get close to. She comes to live with the main character Rin and Kaede in the story and finally gets the opportunity to have a family. Primula is the definition of "solitaire" and a great deal of her charm comes from that fact. The rest of it comes from her gorgeous character design, desire for companionship, and thoughtful, observant personality. Rimu-chan is the first girl that doesn't look fully physically developed that I've truly lusted for, though her long legs and the general look of her face give off a mature vibe. Her eyes are a deep blue-violet, and her piercing stare is hypnotic. Something else I noticed was that even the back of her head is beautiful, with her hair up in those disshevelled pigtails, exposing her feminine neck and her perfect pointy ears. Personality-wise, Primula is a very intelligent girl, watching people closely and is eager to learn new things, especially if it means she can help out the people she cares for. And does she ever care for them... Rimu-chan is very affectionate and gives great hugs. The way she buries her head into Rin is adorable... I want a hug like that. (o^_^o) She's always willing to help her friends no matter how serious the problem, with physical labor or as a shoulder to cry on. Her facial expressions are subtle, but she really wasn't used to expressions, and as the story progressed and she interacted with people more, she started to open up, and she has a truly wonderful smile. :D So even if Primula is only 12-years-old, she's still more than qualified for a position in this harem.

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