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Gallery of Pachira

Also from "Renkin San-Kyuu Magical? Pokaan," Pachira is a "young" vampire princess who lives with the other underworld princesses. Like most vampires, Pachira can turn into a bat, fly, drinks the blood of humans for sustenance, and has to wear thick clothes and a box over her head to go outside during the day. :P Naturally Pachira is nocturnal, sleeping through most of the day and going out to "hunt" for a gorgeous, rich, old-fashioned man to use her nubile feminine charms on. Rather than suck their blood, though, Pachira hopes for a romantic relationship. However, her attempts at seduction are met with awkward, confused looks, since most guys take one look at her and assume she is far too young for romance. Poor, poor Pachira. Cursed with an under-developed body that haunts her thoughts... she even goes to great lengths to try and boost her bust size... sigh. Pachira is sassy and sarcastic around her friends, showing off that bit of attitude I like, and is the most boy-crazy of the 5 princesses. :) Don't be so worried about your chest, Pachira, there are plenty of guys who'd fall for you just the way you are, one of 'em is right here. ;)

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