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Gallery of Mizuho Kazami

Even before I started watching Onegai Teacher, I knew this beauty would grab my heart. A red-haired beautiful older woman, and a teacher no less, I suppose that's been a fantasy of mine, and Mizuho has the perfect look to play the role. It wasn't until very recently though that I finally got the chance to see Onegai Teacher, and from the opening theme, I was hooked. The story wasn't bad at all, but because of Mizuho-Sensei I would've watched the whole series in one sitting if I could have, completely unable to take my eyes off of her. Aside from her physical beauty (which if her mother is any indication, will last quite a long time ;), she has a very caring personality and although she takes pride in her duties, she is still true to herself, putting her love before everything else. Her pochy habit is adorable, and despite her mature appearance, she is still very vulnerable emotionally (maybe a bit too much so). Although she may be a crybaby, jealous, and occasionally a know-it-all (I suppose that's natural for a teacher though) her imperfections make her seem more realistic than a lot of anime heroines, which I think makes her all the more lovable. Please, Mizuho-Sensei, I need some private tutoring...

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