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Gallery of Mitsuki Hayase

The only one of the three main characters in Kimi ga Nozomu Eien that I liked at all, Mitsuki is a vulnerable woman that puts up a strong front. In the beginning of the anime, she is a strong, outgoing girl, and the star of the swimming team. But later on after a terrible series of events, her vulnerability surfaces when the man she loves can't make up his mind between her and the girl whose tragic accident gave Mitsuki a chance with the guy in question. By the way, it was Mitsuki who pulled that guy out of his severe state of depression, saving him from his own self-destruction. She is a hard-working woman, a caring person and easy to get along with. Though she tends to make questionable decisions and take actions rashly, she is true to herself and knows that the thing she needs most is love. The picture at right isn't from the anime, but I think it's one of the sexiest pictures I've ever seen, Mitsuki is such a beautiful girl, and it shows her vulnerability. Must... protect... (and glomp) Mitsuki.

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