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Gallery of Maki Aikawa

Maki Aikawa is not your average high school girl. From Airmaster, Maki is a huge brute of a woman, an orphan, an amazing fighter, and not the sharpest knife in the drawer. Formerly a champion gymnast, Maki earned her nickname of "Airmaster," after becoming known as one of the greatest vaulters ever, but after Maki's mother (also her coach) died, Maki was left alone and confused. That's when she took up street fighting. Whether it was out of frustration or just a need to use her amazingly fit and strong body, I don't know, but she is very good at it, seeming to have a mind dedicated completely to competing, she blends her knowledge of gymnastics with what she learns in fights, and continues her legend as the Airmaster on the streets. Maki's personality is very laid-back. When she makes friends (after some classmates of hers witnessed one of her fights and took her in), she is pretty much a follower in the group, shy and reserved, often sleeping anywhere she sits down, but if she's needed to fight or protect her friends, she will spring into action. She is fairly attractive (supposed to be really good-looking according to other people's reactions in the show, but the art style is very plain) despite her massive size (must be a few inches over 6 feet tall) and although her mind works very slowly, her lower IQ doesn't really hurt her since she can fight her way out of most situations if she has to, and when it comes to fighting, she's a genius. Even though she could kick my @ss in less than a second, Maki Aikawa is still a big lovable teddy bear.

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