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Gallery of Major Motoko Kusanagi

For a long time, this powerful cyborg (or android by now, but that's the whole paradox behind the story) woman managed to keep my lust at bay with her icy, all-business personality, despite her breathtaking physical appearance. Recently though, as I watched Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex 2nd Gig, her emotional barrier broke down a bit and I finally got to see some of her past, and what she's really about. I'd always felt for Batou... how hard he tries to get Motoko to open up to him, and as much as he cares for her, but 2nd Gig helped me finally see what he was chasing: a woman who can hardly remember who she is, but has a truly brilliant mind and uses all her gifts and abilities to their utmost in an effort to accomplish her duties for the greater good. She's a woman who knows everything there is to know about sacrifice and lays herself on the line just about every day, and Batou just wants to be the man that cares for her when she doesn't. Her almost complete lack of femininity turned me off for the longest time, but her personality is by no means a bad one. She's lived a hard life and it has made her hard, but she is harsh with her coworkers for their own good. She's personable with a few people though and does have a sense of humor when she's not on the job. Although I care a lot about the Major as a character and as a person, her inaccessibility and "perfection" still make it difficult to put her in this harem, but I get the feeling she would enjoy it. ;)

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