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Gallery of Lisianthus

From "Shuffle!", Lisianthus, or Sia-chan, is the daughter of the King of Gods, and a seriously adorable young woman. Reminding me a lot of my long-time #1 girl here, Dita Liebely, Sia-chan is happy, excitable, expressive and affectionate. Her long red (well, auburn) hair and shapely body are similar also, but Sia-chan is by no means a replica. Her voice is extremely cute, especially her giggle, and the clothes she wears are very stylish, accentuating and complementing her physical appearance very nicely. She has a bit of a temper when it comes to being embarassed by her father, and she tends to smash him with chairs, but she's nice to everyone else. She's not very good in school, and isn't the most tactful girl around, but her biggest issue is something she holds inside her... a second personality. This persona of hers manifests when the guy she likes starts to like another girl more... "bad Sia" decides to take an aggressive approach when dealing with the object of her (their?) affection. Naughty Sia-chan reminded me a bit of Satsuki Kitaouji, as she goes after what she wants relentlessly and passionately, without concern for anyone else's feelings, or "manners." Her face and voice turn from cute to seductive, and she has no reservations about doing anything it takes to get her man's attention. Capable of being magnetically adorable or undeniably seductive, Lisianthus is the best of both worlds. :D With Sia-chan around, things would always be interesting.

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