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Gallery of Liru

Oh god, Liru is hot. *blinks* Ahem... right, well, this spunky, playful blonde is named Liru. From "Renkin San-Kyuu Magical? Pokaan," a fun show about a few young princesses of the netherworld, Liru is a teenaged werewolf. Well, were-puppy... and her personality is just what you'd expect from a were-puppy; she loves running around and playing, lounging in the sun, looking at the moon and especially eating meat, grade-A beef preferrably. ;) Of the 5 girls that live together, Liru seems to be the eldest, and had the most worldly experience, but that isn't saying much. She's happy and carefree, which makes her easy to love (that and her hotness), but she tends to get herself into trouble because of it. She's athletic, strong and physically tough though so she doesn't have too much trouble escaping the trouble she runs into though. Like the other girls she lives with, Liru dreams of meeting her Mr. Right, an adventurous, ruggedly-good-looking wild man who treats her nicely and is also a werewolf. :P Guess I'd only qualify as Mr. Half-Right. Even if I'm not up to par, with her energetic, fun-loving personality and- have I mentioned that she's hot yet, because she is... really hot- Liru is welcome to hang around here as much as she likes.

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