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Gallery of Lei-lei

From Darkstalkers (an anime based off of the Night Warriors video games), Lei-lei is a chinese vampire. I'm not sure exactly what that is, but Lei-lei, and her sister Mei-ling both gave up their lives in the hope that they would one day be able to revive their mother who sacrificed herself casting a powerful spell to destroy the "darkness" (evil creatures) that was attacking the capitol of China. Lei-lei and her sister have become undead Darkstalkers, which is the term for powerful inhuman creatures that live in the shadows. Lei-lei however doesn't feed on humans like most Darkstalkers and instead roams the land with her sister searching for their mother and the way to bring her back to life. Lei-lei is the more light-hearted of the sisters, despite being dead, and seems to laugh a lot and is rather sarcastic at times. She's honest and very loyal to her family, and has a graceful fighting style - spinning and dancing in her traditional Gung Xi clothing, but also has the ability to summon large metal objects from her sleeves. Lei-lei is very cute, despite being undead, and though she tends to make rash decisions and follow her emotions, her good nature and innocence make her lovable.

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