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Gallery of Koyori

Koyori (from Nurse Witch Komugi) is a rising star in Japan's modelling world... and sex appeal is her main quality. She's the main character's (Komugi, a childishly cute "cosplay idol") best friend and works for the same talent agency, although Koyori is by far that agency's most popular "talent." She's not too bright, but she's very nice, and apparently quite good at her job, but underneath the dumb model exerior lurks another personality: Magical Maid Koyori! This persona of hers just happens to be the devious villain, bent on spreading wierd germs (and being especially proud of herself) around Japan. The show is a silly ecchi parody, but Koyori certainly does her job of displaying sex appeal, so she'll fit nicely in this lust section. :P

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