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Gallery of Koyomi Mizuhara

When I first started watching Azumanga Daioh, I didn't pay much attention to Yomi. She seemed rather plain, with nothing really noticable that made her stand out among her wacky friends and classmates. She was normal, did her school work on time, and did it well, was nice and respectful to people, and tried to keep things under control. As the story progressed, however, I came to realize that Yomi's maturity and reason were exactly what set her apart from the rest of the girls, and she jumped way up near the top of my favorite Azumanga girls. She's the most mature character in the show, including the teachers, and kind of acts like a mother to her friends, giving praise when it's deserved, but also stern lectures or a hearty slap in some cases ;). Yomi works hard for school, and tries her best to stay fit; her body looks almost perfect to me, but she's compulsively trying to lose those few extra pounds to no avail. She's very sensitive about her weight, but still makes light of it in secret. Yomi's looks might not be the perfection that most animated girls appear to be, but she has a very good attitude, and is so limber... (borderline contortionist maybe?) she has many qualities that make her sexy despite imperfection.

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