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Gallery of Kosame

Kosame from Girls Bravo is a woman I can relate to. >:D She works for a rich blonde girl (Lisa) as some sort of bodyguard (partnered with a bishie guy), but is treated more like a special agent or henchwoman, often pointing guns at people or trying to kidnap Yukinari (the male main character) on Lisa's demand. When Kosame does go to kidnap him though, she is confronted by Kirie (who can be found atop my harem) who tries to stop her. Kosame sees how beautiful and strong Kirie is and immediately falls in love with her, and makes aggressive advances on her... sadly though, she's interrupted, having to escape from the scene with her cargo. After that episode though, Kosame's attention undoubtedly focuses on Kirie whenever she's around (much like mine did while watching this series :P ). She seems to daydream about "I wonder what" when Kirie's not around, and on a few occasions Kosame turns into a sexual predator, holding Kirie at gunpoint, at least until she finds a bed. XD Kosame is the cutest stalker I've ever seen and we share a love of Kirie, so I'd like to invite Kosame to join this harem, I just hope she doesn't hog Kirie all to herself.

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