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Gallery of Kaorin

Kaorin from Azumanga Daioh is simply one of my favorite characters ever. As one of the class representatives, Kaorin is a busy girl that just doesn't have the time to be part of the main "clique" in the show. She's a hard working and responsible young woman, but although she disguises it well most of the time, she has a raging, unstoppable stampede of a girl-crush on her beautiful, cool classmate, Ms. Sakaki. Kaorin is usually ladylike and proper, but if she hears someone say anything that could be construed as negative about Sakaki, a switch is flipped and she passionately defends her "beloved." Most of my favorite scense from this wonderful show were made possible by Kaorin's great character, and her "underdog" (often left out of the activities that would let her spend quality time with Sakaki due to her duties and academic events) status is increased because the freaky, pervert teacher, Mr. Kimura, seems to pay more attention to Kaorin than any of the other girls. I must admit though, I can't blame him. ;) I found myself cheering out loud for Kaorin on a few occasions, not something I can say about many other characters. Go Kaorin go! Err... come, I mean... into the harem please. :P

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