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Gallery of Kaori Sakiyama

The most self-righteous and confident character I've ever seen, Kaori Sakiyama is an amazing and lovable woman. From Air Master, Kaori starts out as a model with dreams of becoming a superstar, and the motivation and work ethic to make it happen. When one of her photoshoots is interrupted by another group of girls and she is intimidated by Maki (the title character, also in this harem), she can't believe that she was scared by another woman and later accepts Maki's challenge to fight (after doing research and finding out who Maki really is, showing her intelligence), she is nonetheless beaten easily by her. She vows to have her revenge though and shifts her life around becoming stronger and becoming a fighter instead of a model, unable to accept that someone is able to beat her so easily. Sakiyama faces many hardships, but never stays down for long, maintaining her supreme confidence despite defeat, and her rivalry with Maki turns into friendship. She's not a bad person at all, and always pays back the kindness and respect she recieves. Kaori may be self-absorbed, but her story is a great one, and her dedication to being in the spotlight made me adore her.

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