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Gallery of Kagura

The "dumb jock" of the Azumanga Daioh clique, Kagura is probably my favorite character in a show full of great ones. She doesn't get to know the main group of girls until their 2nd year in high school, but as soon as she joins their class, she basically invites herself into their clique, seeing Sakaki as her athletic rival, even though Sakaki doesn't ever do anything athletic except during the sports festival. Anyway, Kagura is a fun-loving girl that works hard for her sports team(s), but hates studying. She's typically easy-going, but also the first one to laugh at something she thinks is funny, and is remarkably observant. She's not the smartest girl in the clique, but she's confident in herself, helpful, competetive, and cares a lot about her friends. Oh, yeah, how could I forget, she's hot! >:D

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