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Gallery of Jakotsu

After watching over a hundred episodes of Inuyasha without a serious lust to speak of, I was very surprised to find that the first truly lustworthy character to appear in the series was a man. Sort-of. :P Jakotsu is a member of the Band of Seven, a group of bloodthirsty mercenaries who live only to kill others. Sounds hot already, eh? ;) Well, Jakotsu is a man, but wears make-up and dresses in fine kimonos, and in the English-dub at least, he is voices very sexily by a woman, which added greatly to the gender confusion. Jakotsu himself despises women, and much of his homicidal tendencies are directed towards them, presumably because the despicable wenches are always sinking their fangs into the beautiful boys he is after. Jakotsu is kind of like a culmination of character traits I like from both sexes; he has a sexy female voice, is honest and loyal to his friends and himself, not letting such petty things as laws and morals get in the way of his desires or what's truly important to him, he's lusty and doesn't hide it, and extremely dangerous, which is just plain sexy. Everything about Jakotsu oozes sexuality, and he's really such a simple being, a very instinctual human that nevertheless has realized his paraphilia(s) and wishes to satisfy them. Although it's probably not a good idea to let Jakotsu roam freely in this harem (I fear for my girls' safety :( ) I still have to acknowledge him as my first male lust. I'm scared of him too, (guro-fetish... eww...) but still, maybe if I was able to relieve him of his nasty sword and confine him to a special wing of the harem... (^_^;)

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