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Gallery of Izumi Sawatari

From He is my Master, Izumi is a gorgeous young woman with a string of bad luck. When her family discovered her sister Mitsuki was hiding a pet alligator, Izumi decided she would leave home with her sister so they could find a place to live where Pochi, the alligator, would also be welcome. The ended up finding a huge mansion to live and work as maids in, the bad part being their employer was a lewd rude and crude young man, and after Pochi wrecked some things in the mansion, a debt was pinned on Izumi and they had no choice but to take the job. Anyway, Izumi is forced to do most of the hard labor, since she refuses to call Yoshitaka "master," but even given such harsh treatment she refuses to be broken, and continues working hard so she can pay back her debt. She's a good person that does her best when her loved ones need her help, but has trouble giving her full effort if it's just for herself. She's stubborn and expressive and makes good choices, but things just tend to turn out badly for her. Izumi is a sexy young woman, and I'd be more than happy to welcome her into my harem, I'd treat her so much better than that punk billionaire.

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