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Gallery of Inoue Orihime

From Bleach, Inoue Orihime is a really goofy girl. She reminds me of a sort of mix between Mutsumi (from Love Hina) and Osaka (from Azumanga Daioh) in that she's really smart, (gets very good grades), but thinks about things in a very different way, thinking up and saying some of the most random things. XP She lives on her own as a teenager, and the food she eats is... well... "unusual." She naturally has to cook for herself and her creations are strange combinations... in one episode she brought an unsliced loaf of bread and a jar of sweet bean paste... cause that way she could make her own sweet bread... Another favorite scene of mine was when the girls were eating lunch in a group and another of the girls asked Rukia if she and Ichigo were dating (Rukia and Ichigo are the two main characters) and when she denied it, Inoue got all frowny-faced and explained; If Rukia had liked Ichigo, then she (Inoue) would've also fallen for Ichigo, and then Tatsuki would've fallen for him and all the other girls too, so it would be an overwhelming victory for the girls' team! She's a very nice girl and a good friend, usually maintaining a very positive outlook on life and seems to make people feel better just by being around them. She makes me feel better too, cause she's a riot and rather easy on the eyes as well. :D (Also shown in the gallery are her spirit power fairies, the lone male in black is Tsubaki, and the other five pictured together are, from left to right: Back - Hinagiku & Baigon, Center - Shun-ou, Front - Ayame & Lily.)

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