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Gallery of Ichino Yanagida

Ichino Yanagida, this spunky, competetive girl from Osaka Japan is my favorite character from Battle Athletes. As the pride of Osaka, Ichino is a very talented athlete with a fiery attitude and a desire to be the best. In Battle Athletes Victory (the TV series) Ichino is the best friend of the main character, Akari Kanzaki, and Ichino helps her out in many ways. She trains Akari in many of the events, lights a fire of motivation under her and helps her whenever she's in need, be it with reassuring words, or a smack upside the head. Ichino loves to show off for the cameras and has quite an ego of her own, not wanting to lose to anyone, no matter what the cost, and she is a bit reckless in her actions. Fiesty, expressive, cute and a great friend, Ichino grew on me in a hurry and is most welcome in this harem.

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