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Gallery of Haruko Haruhara

Haruko (from FLCL aka Furi Kuri aka Fooly Cooly) is one crazy b*tch - and I mean that in the most sincerely complimentary way. A renegade agent for some outer space emmigration agency, (or something like that, FLCL isn't exactly the easiest show to follow ;) Haruko is chasing down a man she must have. Or maybe it's an incarnated power she must have, but either way she's determined to get it at all costs. The embodiment of all things evil about the female gender (seduction, manipulation, moodiness, teasing, etc.) and completely selfish, she nonetheless wins over the hearts of all the men around her (including me) with her devious relationship-twisting antics. She isn't completely evil though, as she has a good sense of humor, and helps the main character learn about himself, and gives him confidence along with several very unnatural looking bumps on the head. Oh...and she's a total bad*ss. She wants that power, and be it adolescent boys, rush-hour traffic, or giant robots, anything in her way had better GET THE HELL OUT, 'cause there's a girl on a Vespa coming through.

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