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Not-so-much a Gallery of Harley Quinn

Easily my favorite character from the Batman series of comics/shows, Harley is the Joker's right-hand girl. Formerly his psychiatrist, Harley falls madly in love with him and breaks him out of the asylum, and appoints herself his girl. She's bouncy and affectionate, extremely protective and loyal, almost like a puppy, and is constantly wrapping herself around her "Mr. J", which for some unbelievable reason, he can't stand. She's definitely a cutie with the trademark big grin and that skin-tight jester costume ::shiver::, and those acrobatics... How could anyone resist her charms?

Dita Liebely and my dearest harem ladies.
Éclair and many more lovable girls I adore.
Ma Mamie and the other uber
sexy femmes that get my blood flowing.
Come get to know my little sister Kaolla
and the rest of my animated family and friends!
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