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Not-so-much a Gallery of Guni

By far my favorite character from Nightwalker (the only one I liked at all really), Guni is an urban faerie (at least that's what she says). She's smart, sassy and sarcastic, and despite her small stature, quite sexy too. Probably about 8 inches tall, she usually hangs out in her good friend Shido's (a vampire) hair when they're out on the town. Like most faerie characters, Guni is very much attached to her man, and gets jealous when other females start hanging around him. She's playful when she's in her comfort zone, but gets nervous and excited when her man is in trouble. She's very confident, though, and loves talking big, but if you underestimate her, she will let loose an electric shock and fry you also! Pikachu can eat his heart out, cause Guni's got it goin' on!

Dita Liebely and my dearest harem ladies.
Éclair and many more lovable girls I adore.
Ma Mamie and the other uber
sexy femmes that get my blood flowing.
Come get to know my little sister Kaolla
and the rest of my animated family and friends!
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