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Gallery of Goei

From Ikkitousen, Goei is the mother of Sonsaku Hakufu, the main character of the show. I didn't care that much for Hakufu, but miss Goei was a gorgeous woman in her sexual prime. ;) In her mid-late 30's, Goei is still beautiful, and adorably lusty, constantly talking about her latest and next romances, thinking up the naughtiest possibilities when questions arise, and trying her best to sneak in and win the hearts of energetic young men that her daughter meets. Around the house she is very motherly though, doing the chores wearing a traditional kimono, but when her daughter does stupid things, she has to give her spankings as punishment. (If you couldn't tell, this show is definitely geared towards stimulating the male libido ;) Goei is a great character, and she wouldn't have to try very hard to seduce this young man.

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