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Gallery of Forte Stollen

This voluptuous ballistics specialist is from the fun series "Galaxy Angel" and her name is Forte Stollen. Galaxy Angel is about a secret military organization known as the Angel Brigade, and Forte is the senior Angel of the group. Although there is very little military action done by these ladies, if they ever did have to go into combat, Forte would be the general, lead commando, and mobile armory. :P Needless to say, she loves guns (and to a lesser extent, booze) and has a massive collection of ballistic weaponry, which she frequenlty fires at rude men and plush toys. Forte is of german decent and is a tough, almost manly kind of woman. She has a calming, deep voice, except when she loses her temper... then it can best be described as "threatening." :P She and Ranpha (who appears below in this harem) are pretty close friends, and at times I wondered if Forte didn't like her as more than a friend, but that's probably just wishful thinking... although, when Forte is asked about romantic relationships, she gets very shy and defensive. Hmm... it could also be that it's the Angel Brigade's commanding officer (I can't remember his name), a man that Forte admires, is whom she has her eye on. Anyway, Forte is awesome... she's the most diversely talented of the Angels, as along with guns, she's an expert at piloting any and every type of vehicle and can more than hold her own in a fight... (or a fashion show I'd say, but she's not the type to enter ;) and as always I adore her many diverse facial expressions. Welcome to my harem, Forte... hand over the guns or I'll have to frisk you. (*^_^*)

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