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Gallery of Faye Valentine

My first anime lust, Faye (Cowboy Bebop) is hot right out of the box. A strong, independent and intelligent woman, she's very dangerous to her enemies and friends alike. She has a mysterious past in which she managed to pile up a massive debt, and will do anything to free herself from it, including betraying her friends. Her sexuality and skimpy outfits definitely got my attention early on, but it wasn't until very late in the series (Speak Like a Child episode specifically) that I really started to care for her, and that episode will always be one of my favorites. That episode is when Faye's true feelings start to show, and we finally get to see her mask break. Deep down, Faye is like a stray cat doing what she can to survive, taking advantage of people while remaining a loner, but really needing a place to belong, and people to care for. Faye's strong candy shell and soft nougat center make me want to eat her up ;)

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