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Gallery of Maestro Delphine

The beautiful villain of Last Exile, Maestro Delphine is the hedonistic leader of "the Guild". She alone decides the fate of the "lesser" people of the world, since the guild has superior technology and power than any country, and she forces these other countries to play very real war games for her amusement. She is entirely selfish and due to the way the Guild functions, is convinced that she cannot be harmed by anyone, as she is treated as the Queen and no one can go against her word. She is blind to value in anyone or anything aside from how they can be used to amuse her. Delphine is very much like a child, using her great power as a means to entertain herself and to seek out greater power when she tires of what she already has. Despite, or because of all this, she is an extremely sexy woman, completely self-assured, almost always in a great mood, smiling, laughing, having a great time without a care in the world, but if someone interferes with her fun, she becomes ruthless. Delphine is beautiful, graceful, lighthearted, overconfident, and powerful, and she is one of the sexiest villains I've ever seen. To be able to contain such a woman in my harem, or even be captured in her harem wouldn't be so bad. ;)

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