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Gallery of Ayumi Yamada

From "Honey and Clover" (possibly the best show ever in my opinion), Ayumi Yamada is an art student specializing in pottery. She's a kind, gentle and genuine girl mostly, and is skillful in her trade, but the thing she wants most she just can't have. She's in love with her good friend Mayama, but he doesn't see her as anything more than a little-sister type, and as much as she tries to make him fall in love with her, she knows it's hopeless. She really only gets mad around Mayama, I can't blame her... the kind of relationship they have would be very frustrating. Ayumi truly is a good person, and has many guys that would gladly give her their love, but she can't make herself fall out of love with Mayama, and can't lie to herself about her true feelings. She's a great friend, there to comfort them when they need it (though she probably needs it more) and a hard worker, using her skillful hands to create wonderful works of clay. Ayumi is a cute, emotionally fragile young woman that just really needs to be held... it would be terrible if her bright blue eyes turned listless. *hugs Ayumi*

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