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Gallery of Ayu Daikuuji

Ayu is easily the best thing about Kimi ga Nozomu Eien. Just as I was getting fed up with the confusing/rushed story line, Ayu appeared in her first scene and stole my attention. A waitress at a family restaraunt, Ayu brought an incorrect order to some guy, and stood there while he got all mad at her, saying simply "huh" to acknowledge his increasingly loud complaints, then when he crossed the line and splashed his water on her, she screamed his head off and made a huge scene even though it was initially her mistake, hell yeah! Actually, Ayu is the daughter of the head of a huge corporation, and I'm not entirely sure of her reasons for working as a waitress, but I would assume that since she's such a self-righteous girl that she wants to make it on her own and not simply live the life of a spoiled corporate child. Her manners are strangely atrocious, and she is very assertive in showing her feelings, often with beautiful fountains of foul language and insults. Hey eyes are very expressive and often dangerous looking, and I just think she's extremely sexy. She's not all bad though; she's intelligent, helps out her friends when they need it, and tries to get people to act "the right way", that is, to be themselves without being overbearing. Basically, like she is. ;) The waitress uniform helps, certainly, but the power about her and the way her bark is so much bigger than her bite (I'm pretty sure she only retaliates once, though her male coworker is often forced to "punish" her by holding her cheeks pinched) really turn me on - I would try quite hard to make her blush, 'cause I know I'd love that look on her. Ayu's cute appearance and strong attitude makes me want to do naughty things to her in return.

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