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Gallery of Asa Shigure

The fun-loving-tease-of-a-friend from "Shuffle!", Asa Shigure is a really cool chick. As an older student to the main character guy, Rin, Asa picks on him harmlessly, because he seems attached to other girls, but she really likes him. Asa is energetic and loves to have fun, making things interesting whenever she's around, but she's also an emotionally mature young woman. She's strong and able to handle tough situations, and help her friends when they need support, but is also able to express her own emotions without losing her self-control. She has a sort of "anemia" meaning her body gives out on her sometimes, making for stressful situations for her friends, but she refuses to let her physical affliction control her life. She has a beautiful, expressive face with pretty short hair, and a nice shape to her, and her sense of fashion is nicely atypical. Asa is the kind of girl I could easily be friends with, but with all her wonderful qualities, it would be tough to stop there.

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