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Gallery of Abelia

Abelia (from Now and Then, Here and There) is the army's General, advisor to, whipping-girl, and 'mother' to the sociopathic King Hamdo. She has the single worst job I have ever seen or heard of anywhere and she does it impossibly well. The anime she is in is certainly a great one, but after seeing the first 10 episodes, my main concern was what happens with Abelia, not the main characters. She amazes me in her ability to... well... not kill herself, to tell the truth, and that is very sexy. Her willpower and determination to do her jobs, however impossibly difficult they are, earns her a place in my heart. I can only assume that her intelligence tells her that despite his often abusive behavior, the King needs (loves? though I suppose a sociopath can't truly care for another person) her and without her, he would destroy himself and everyone under his control... which is quite a few people since he's the King, and that is why she remains loyal to him. She has a dark beauty about her, though the stress she endures must be burned into her face, I would be glad to help her relieve that. She deserves someone who will treat her well, not an abusive psychopath.

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