Welcome to Ratphlegm's House!

Kaolla says hey!

Hey folks, Rat here, welcome to my simple little homepage! For those of you who don't already know me, I'll give you a breif description of myself. I'm a young man quickly approaching my mid-20's and still clueless about where I want my life to lead. I think way too much and do far too little, but still manage to stay in good spirits most of the time thanks to (thanks?) a few obsessions and distractions. Those being Anime, Adult Swim, On-Line Blood Bowl, classic computer/console games, The Pillows and watching sports on the tube.

I'm one of the commishioners (admins) for the OnLine Blood Bowl League (Blood Bowl is a tabletop/board game by Games Workshop which combines elements of american football, role-playing, and turn-based strategy) and and active member of another online community, Animated Lust. AL is a website and community for people who adore animation and the characters there-in, and contrary to the name, keeps a mostly PG-acceptable environment. I suppose my aspirations are to work in the anime business some-day, be it writing or voice acting, though drawing itself might not be up my alley...I can draw ok, but it's quite rare for me to actually sit down and do it, and I'm certainly not quick when it comes to that ;)

Anyway, enough babbling about myself, here are some links to other parts of my site(s)!

Dita Liebely and the rest of the lovable and
sexy ladies in my Animated Lust Harem.
You've already met my baby sister Kaolla, come
meet the rest of my animated family and friends!
This is where you'll find my works of fiction,
once I have some to post, that is. ;)
Wanna check out my OLBBL Teams?
Step into my office.
Some cool links to anime sites
and other stuff I use frequently.