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Rat's Cool and Geeky Links!

Bittorrent Links
Homepage for a filesharing program that only shares very specific files when you want. Shares files using specific links (torrents) with multiple users on the internet who are also sharing the same file. Great for downloading large files if you can find the links for them, and below are a few places to find anime using this.
A nice easy-to-use website with a list of fansubbed animes available to download and share via bittorrent. Some of my favorite shows are available here.

A much more extensive database of anime series, movies, OVA's, soundtracks and manga avalable to download with bittorrent. A (free) registration is required to use this site, in order to track users sharing statistics and keep enough "seeders" (people with the whole file) running the files for people to download. There's also an age requirement to register if I remember correctly, as the comprehensive database also includes material unsuitable for underage viewers. If it's anime/manga and you want to see it, there's a good chance you can find it here.

Other Anime-Related Links
Surprise! A collection of galleries (some extensive) of pictures from some popular animes.
A huge database of links for websites about nearly any anime or manga you can think of. Great if you're looking for info and sometimes pics of specific animes/characters.
A nice site with wallpaper designs from many different animes. Mostly sized 800x600 and 1024x768.
A website where geeks can blow their hard-earned cash on posters and other trinkets that most people would find childish. OMG! I NEED A HARUKO ACTION FIGURE! She comes with the VESPA and EVERYTHING! A kid in a candy store... beware. But seriously, I need that action figure.

Other Animation-Related Links
The cool place to be after 11 pm, on Cartoon Network.
A website and community for folks who love animation
ihopbunny63's sister website Cosmopolitan Skittles
Sher's homepage which links to the many gorgeous websites she maintains
as well as all sorts of other fun sites.
Desert Mouse's Secret Mouse Hole
Desert Mouse's animation fansite dedicated mostly
to Mrs. Brisby and the Secret of NIMH
CandyCaptain's personal website.
Lord Kitsune presents: Sailor Venus' Shrine of Love!
Xfox's sweet homepage with his personal artwork and fiction.
Keydarsanz the Great's homepage. There are a few character profiles for his favorites and other goodies.

The Rest
An on-line league for a tabletop/board game made by Games Workshop known as Blood Bowl. Kind of a turn-based strategy version of american football set in a classic fantasy world with orcs and elves and demons and such. Slight role-playing elements are involved as well, is a complex game but I have fun playing.
A super sweet database of classic computer and some emulated console games, most of which are available to download! When old games are released as public domain, this site snatches up the files and lets you download them. Also has many freeware and fan-remakes, all in all a nice resource for people that are bored. :)

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