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Ratphlegm's Dearest Ladies Quiz!

Here's a little quiz I made using that Quiz editor linked from, or whatever that website is, I'll figure it out later. Anyway, It's a semi-personality quiz that guys can take to find out which of my Dearest harem ladies best suits them, or you ladies can take the quiz and just replace the word "she" with "you" to see which of these wonderful girls you are most like. Your prize for participating is a fantabulously free direct link to your (my) dream girl's gallery. Awesome.
What does she look like? (Choose exactly 4)
Hair Length - Long
Hair Length - Medium
Hair Length - Short
Hair Color - Blonde
Hair Color - Brunette
Hair Color - Red
Height - Tall
Height - Average 5' 3"-ish
Height - Short
Body Type - Thin
Body Type - Curvy
Body Type - Muscular

How does she usually look?
Cute - I want to hug her!
Beautiful - I can't take my eyes off of her.
Sexy - I can't keep my hands off of her!

What does she wear? (Choose from 1 to 4)
Comfortable clothes
Casual skirts and dresses
Formal wear
Boyish clothes
A uniform

How does she decide what to do?
She follows her emotions.
She comes to a descision logically.
She can't decide on her own.

How does she think things will turn out?
She's optimistic, things will be ok in the end.
She's realistic, things can't always be good.

How does she act around new people?

How does she act around friends?

How does she act when she's alone with her special someone?

What does she do all day?
Goes to school/work and works hard.
Goes to school/work and goofs off.
Gets up bright and early in the afternoon and starts having fun!
Goes out and causes trouble for everyone she meets.

A friend of hers comes in wearing tattered clothes and tells her they were just attacked by a flock of ferocious ducks, what does she say?
"Oh my god, are you OK!?"
"Woah, you're not serious are you?"
nothing, but she laughs hysterically at their great joke.
"Hah, what a lame joke, and look what you're wearing!"
"I'll show you ferocious! RAWRRRRRR!!" and she inflicts some very real pain on them.

She found a wallet of someone she doesn't get along with lying on the ground, what does she do?
Returns it to it's rightful owner.
Takes the money, spends it, and returns the wallet to it's owner.
Hurls the wallet and all its contents 100 mph directly at the owner's face.
Takes the money and tosses the wallet.

Why does she like her special someone so much?
for their personality - they're a unique individual
an attachment from always being together
a shared fate or secret - being able to relate to each other
adoration of the other's ability to do things she could not
because that person accepts her for her true self despite her special circumstances

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