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Gallery of Yoruichi Shihouin

As the initial reason I started watching "Bleach," Yoruichi promptly spent the first 42 episodes disguised as a little black cat with a deep, gravelly man's voice. :P As a cat, she was a wise, experienced teacher and a skilled scout, but as a woman, Yoruichi is one of the sexiest dark-skinned women in anime. A powerful and fast spirit fighter, Yoruichi's soul is hundreds of years old, and her wisdom and intelligence go well with her personality. Although she's content to work independently, she'll take the leadership role in a group, and does her best to keep things under control, knowing when to take advantage of her fighting skills, and more importantly, when to retreat. She has an honest sense of humor and likes to tease the boys a bit, but she isn't too cruel about it. ;) I haven't found out yet why she fights against the Shinigami, as she obviously used to be one, nor have I seen any of this shoujo-ai relationship I've heard that she's involved in, but honestly, that can only improve her sexiness. :P Yoruichi's long, dark body, hardened eyes, experience and wit make her a shoe-in for entrance into my harem.

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