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Gallery of Yomiko Readman

Well, I know I'm probably not worth her time, considering I'm not a book, but Yomiko Readman (Read or Die OAV) is simply the cutest grown woman I know of. She is completely hopeless unless her head is buried in a book, at which point she may as well not even be present in the real world at all. Books are her love and her motivation for everything, until she meets a fellow special agent codenamed Ms. Deep. Ms. Deep is a very capable woman that has a great impact on Yomiko, opening her eyes to the world of people and becoming her close, trusted friend. Yomiko has a great deal of knowledge that she has acquired from her love of books, but she's naive and has little experience in the real world and dealing with people. She has a cool and very different "super power" of controlling paper (hard to explain) so she's a special agent whose job is to recover rare books, much to her delight. She is quite clumsy and a bit rolly-polly when she's forced to fight, but she's confident in her abilities and is surprisingly composed when the going gets rough, and did I mention she's adorable? Her voice is perfect, (in the english dub at least, I haven't seen the japanese) so innocent and a nice change from most english voice acting that I've heard. Maybe if I start writing on myself...

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