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Gallery of Triela

The eldest Gunslinger Girl, Triela is also the most experienced and my favorite of the bunch. Although she's probably still too young to be joining a harem, her current job is also not something little girls should be doing, as she works as an elite soldier, often going on assassination missions (wielding her nasty-looking M1897 Shotgun) against enemies of the gov't agency she works for and terrorists. Like the other girls in "The Corporation," Triela was rescued from a terrible situation and given surgery so that she could live... although her body is mostly made of alloys and synthetic muscle now. Unlike the other girls however, Triela fully understands her situation and her supervisor, Hilsyer, avoids using "conditioning" (brainwashing). Her relationship with Hilsyer is similar to that of siblings - it's apparent that they care for each other, but they also argue, which none of the other "Fratello" (teams of artificial girl & supervisor) do. Triela is very smart and a capable young woman, not only in her military actions, but socially as well, honest and loyal, she's also a mentor to the other girls, even those she doesn't get along with. She's the only girl who has reached puberty in The Corporation, and she suffers a lot, though she tries to hide it. She's aware that as an "artificial girl" her life span isn't long, but she somehow maintains a positive outlook and is always willing to help out the younger girls. Triela is a very mature young woman, and her strength despite extreme adversity tugs at my heart strings.

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