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Gallery of Tomomi Harukawa

Tomomi... even her name pleases me. :D Harukawa-san is the secondyoung woman in the harem that hails from a hentai, "Moonlight Lady" to be specific, but even so, she almost made it out of the Lust section. She ended up here because a lot of what's going on in the series is vague, I'm not even sure if Tomomi is actually alive, if she's alive but posessed by an undead spirit, or something else entirely. :P Anyway, most of the time Tomomi is a sweet, caring woman who is the personal maid of a rich girl, Suzuna, whose family has some sort of spiritual ritual that is passed down through the generations. Tomomi cares dearly for Suzuna and is a good friend to her as well as maid, but sometimes Tomomi loses her usual shyness about her (lucious ;) body, becoming forward and seductive (it's some kind of spell or something.. it happens to a few characters). So yeah... a beautiful woman that is warm, inviting and motherly that occasionally becomes a seductive technician, what's not to lust after? >:D

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